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Aion Epic EXP change and VIP Empty Aion Epic EXP change and VIP

Tue Apr 28, 2020 8:34 am
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Hello! Guys, I know this is not going to please everyone, due to the change to a high exp rate some players felt uncomfortable.
We think that to keep the server in its original idea we should keep the exp as retail as possible and that will be the case.

Normal: 2x
VIP: 4x

I know you can't please everyone, but we started the project with the idea of ​​a more oldschool server and everyone joined our project.

About the VIP price: We know that the VIP price for being $ 25.00 is a little more expensive than the other servers. However, our server only has the VIP as income, our shop only contains skins, pets, mounts, only sells things that players buy once. Other servers sell felicitous, courier pass, potions, scrolls, enchants, etc ... We believe that $ 25.00 is a fair help for all maintenance and all the work done on our server. We are here day and night to make the server even better!

We are here in a professional way working for the sake of the server both in disclosure and to correct possible errors in our server.

We hope that all players have fun on our server!
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