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04/29 - Fixes Empty 04/29 - Fixes

Wed Apr 29, 2020 12:00 am
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- Kromede Trial - When you die you come back to the start and can't have a second key. (FIXED)
- VIP tag have been removed due to some chat problems.
- Some npc spawn fix.
- Triniel Underground Arena (Abyss entry quest instance) Mobs have been fixed.
- Shadow Court Dungeon (Last Reshanta quest instance) The drop keys are now 100%.
- Fixed some shop Shield Remodel
- Elyos quest implemented: Wanted: Fork Ear Rokes
- Elyos quest implemented: Wanted: Black Widow
- Elyos quest: A Map Made of Stone The gathering quest  itens now have 25% chance to be gathered.
- Elyos quest: Lepharist Poison Research now have the spawn of the quest mob: Synthesis Researcher Twisk

Thank you guys for all this reports. Keep reporting we want to make our server better!

Have fun and stay safe!
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