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[Instance] lvl 25 - Nochsana Training Camp Empty [Instance] lvl 25 - Nochsana Training Camp

Sun Apr 05, 2020 7:15 pm
[Instance] lvl 25 - Nochsana Training Camp Latest?cb=20180615214958

Nochsana Training Camp is a group instance for players level 25 above. Offers xp and abyss points killing mobs and a good loot.


[Instance] lvl 25 - Nochsana Training Camp Latest?cb=20180615214806

The instance consists of three areas. The first is the starting area once you enter the Nochsana Training Camp (area). There are a mixture of normal and elite NPCs here. Be alert for a 5 NPC patrol which, fortunately, has only one elite NPC in the group. An elite NPC, the Nochsana Protector, can be found here on the artifact. This part of the instance goes relatively quickly and is the least troublesome.

The second is the Nochsana Fortress Gate area right outside of the main fortress. The elite NPCs, Nochsana Guardand Aetheric Field Guardare in this area. After killing those NPCs, you must break down the Nochsana Fortress Gate to enter the next area.

Entering the Nochsana Training Fortress starts the third and most NPC-filled area. Be careful when pulling since they are so close together. Wind your way up and around to clear the fortress. The Nochsana Teleporter is on the top level. It is a good idea to clear the NPCs from the Fortress before tackling the last boss.

Nochsana General, the final boss, is easy enough. The two NPCs in front of him pull separately, so no worries there. If there are any other remaining mobs in the final fortress area they will pull with the boss, however, so it is imperative to clear out all nearby mobs in the vicinity beforehand. The General's moves are simple and consist of a simple debuff that can be easily dispelled as well as an area of affect knockdown. Be careful, though, as he does tend to hit pretty hard.
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