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Midnight Clan (Asmodian - PvX) Empty Midnight Clan (Asmodian - PvX)

Thu Apr 30, 2020 9:27 pm
Midnight Clan
Asmodian PvX Legion



Midnight Clan is a laid-back PvX legion, meaning we focus on both PvP and PvE. We play a multitude of other MMOs, but felt nostalgic and are thrilled with this server. We didn't like how the updates to Aion itself destroyed the base game and stopped playing, so it is refreshing to now be in the 2.7 patch with all of you here. Our legion was founded on Aion back around 2012.

Being part of our legion is like joining a group of friends, we are NOT a hardcore legion and welcome players of all skill levels. We are a smaller group but that doesn't stop us from taking names and kicking... you get it. A rag-tag crew, 4 of us are currently dedicated to this server. Our base group has over 45+ active (as we also play games like Guild Wars 2, Minecraft, etc). To clarify though this post is SOLELY about us on Aion Epic!

Some of us excel at PvP, others prefer dungeons, and some of us play casually to revisit some of our old favorite maps. The majority of the group is English speaking though we do welcome all players. We prefer those who join our legion use Discord as we do have our own server, or to keep in contact with us on Aion Epic's Discord server.


Our legion will mostly focus on:

  • Casual PvP: Whether you are geared or just want to have fun, go for it.
  • Exploring the Abyss: Help attack and defend key locations, or quest.
  • Running Dungeons: Don't get stuck on an annoying dungeon or boss, we will help.
  • Leveling up Together: We are brand new to this server (as of 4/29/2020)!
  • Crafting Professions: We can help you with crafting tips.
  • Enjoying Aion Epic: Just kick back and have fun.


Do you want help with content in game, but are already in another legion? That's okay! Consider an alliance with us. We believe it will be crucial for legions to work together, especially in a private server. Legions that we are allied with will be listed in our legion description in-game. There's no legion level requirement to become an ally as of right now.

Basically we are willing to help any Asmodian out, regardless of which legion you are in. Do take note as of this post most of us are newbies as well, but very soon we will be running dungeons and harder content!


Do you want to join our legion, inquire about an alliance, or simply need help in game? Please reach out to us, or feel free to say hi if you see us in game! My main is a chanter named Midnight, and I also have a gladiator named Fosc. All of us are in the Aion Epic Discord server, as well:

  • Midnight | Midnight#9238: Founder, Main Contact
  • Valkyrie, Overseer of Insight | 🌺 Valkyrie 🌺#9982: Co-Leader
  • Oblivion, Overseer of the Law | DemiseReborn#6227: Co-Leader, Aion Veteran
  • Spirit | Midnight Spirit#6790: Resident PvP Maniac, Aion VeteranĀ 
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