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[Instance] lvl 30 - Sulfur Tree Nest [AP] Empty [Instance] lvl 30 - Sulfur Tree Nest [AP]

Sun Apr 05, 2020 8:31 pm
Sulfur Tree Nest is a group instance for Asmodians and Elyos level 30+. There is no entrance prerequisite, but the faction must own Siel's Eastern Fortress to be able to enter the instance. The entrance is on a lower level in the fortress, in the artifact room. Cooldown is 12 hours for re-entry.


[Instance] lvl 30 - Sulfur Tree Nest [AP] Latest?cb=20091029104010

After entering the instance, there is a blue Aether barrier. Once the Aetheric barrier is broken, there are 15 minutes until the treasure chests vanish. All mobs are elite (except the Drakies) in this instance, and give AP.

There are many small Ancient Treasure Boxes scattered around the instance, but the best idea is to head to the center where the Sealed Gold Chest is located. This chest takes one damage per attack, so all group members should focus physical attacks on it to beat it down as quickly as possible. Dual weapons are an advantage, and the Spiritmaster can use their pet and summon skills as well. The boxes and the Chest can contain Kinah and AP relics.
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