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[Instance] lvl 40 - Krotan, Kysis, Miren Chambers [AP] Empty [Instance] lvl 40 - Krotan, Kysis, Miren Chambers [AP]

Sun Apr 05, 2020 10:54 pm
[Instance] lvl 40 - Krotan, Kysis, Miren Chambers [AP] 340?cb=20170628113801

These three dungeons have the same mechanics, so the whole path is exactly the same as the other.

The group will start on the chamber, which opens up in three possible paths, each locked by a door. Killing the Balaur guard in the middle will reward the players with a key.
This mob will drop a "Operations Room Key" , "Supply Base Key" or a "Armory Key"
Depending on the key given out, the group will have to go through different routes, but the situation will be the same regardless. Each room connects to the following one, blocked by a door. This door can only be lifted by slaying the ultimate-grade Balaur in the room, which will only be an empowered version of the regular ones.

The three possible paths meet up at the instance's deepest room, the Ascension Chamber, where the final boss can be fought.
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