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05/10 - Fixes/Change Log Empty 05/10 - Fixes/Change Log

Sun May 10, 2020 10:21 am
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- Spawn Fixes
- Quest Hold The Front Line fixed the teleport inside this quest
- Quest item drop rate fixed for the quest Ancient Ginseng
- Quest [Growth] Nochsana Infiltration improvements
- Quest Vindachinerk's Offer drop itens fixed
- Better npcs spawns for the quest Crime Scene Investigation
- Reduce the spawn time for the mobs First, Second, Third and Fourth Weapon mob at Theobomos
- Dredgion Assault have less Balaur spawns now
- Summon Cyclone Servant Spirit Master skill fix
- Knockdown Effect Rework
- Drop system improvements
- Host Upgrade
- New Launcher improvements (download the new launcher)
- The Code Red: Atreia Event will end May 20
- The Ascension Energy will end May 20
- Elyos Incentive will end May 11 (tomorrow next maintenance)
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