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[Instance] lvl 46 - Theobomos Lab Empty [Instance] lvl 46 - Theobomos Lab

Mon Apr 06, 2020 9:31 am
[Instance] lvl 46 - Theobomos Lab Latest?cb=20180813123544

Theobomos Lab was a group instance for players of level 46 and above, introduced in 1.2. Its entrance is located in Anangke Excavation Camp in Theobomos (Elyos) and Edge of Torment in Brusthonin (Asmodians)

Originally a destination for the player's campaign and a source of Fabled-grade accessories, (extendable) weapons and Platinum Coin, it was eventually adjusted into a low difficulty instance that was crucial for fast leveling up, due to the high XP rewarded by its related quests.

''Before the Cataclysm, the land of Theobomos belonged to a land lord called Theobomos. This recluse, and somewhat eccentric king, managed to set up a colossal stronghold near the region's sea of sand to watch over his people. However, it was during its construction he noticed the nearby Calydons' mysterious ritual.

From what he had gathered, they gathered around a special hill. Due to his believes of a being of immense power being buried there, he sent some mercenaries to the area to annihilate the Calydons and dig it up to find whether it wss correct or just superstition. To his surprise, their findings resulted in the discovery of a massive device, an ancient petralith, broken down by the passing of time.

Seeing how an attack from the Balaur would be just a matter of time, and how he distrusted the Empyrean Lords, his interest shifted to repair this fallen giant and ensure the safety of his lands, while keeping the existence of this project in secret; one he called Project Drakanhammer.

Due to its decayed state, the petralith took time to be re-established. As a power source, it utilised Aether, used in one of its purest forms, elemental power. His laboratory used the four elements; fire, water, earth and wind, to create a type new type of energy, and was later stored in cubic boxes by a special malekor, the <Silikor of Memory>. Even access to this lab was restricted by strong protectors.

As time passed, his measures proved to be a success, although there was much to be done before being fully operational. Unfortunately for him, the Balaur attack he had predicted took place his protector was ready. The Cataclysm happened, and raids of Balaur massacred the region's inhabitants and destroyed the villages.

As this giant weapon was deployed, it swept the Balaur away like flies. However, as everyone saw hope in this giant, everything sank into despair when the skies of Theobomos were clouded, not only blasts of fire which scorched the earth, but by the undeniable presence of the fiercest of the Dragon Lords; Fregion, the ruler of the Balaur empire.

As he descended from the skies, his fire melted the colossus' body and tore its limbs apart. The light of hope was extinguished by this dragon, suffocating everyone spectating, including Theobomos himself. Blinded by anger, he ventured into the battlefield, not being heard of ever again. As the flames consumed the region, everyone fled, leaving behind their former lives. Once dust settled, all doings of the land lord had been completely destroyed.

Interestingly, due to its underground positioning, Theobomos' laboratory stood strong. The energy generators were unintentionally kept running, and the <Silikor of Memory> got eventually corrupted by a malfunction. The excess of energy eventually concentrated in the most inner chamber of the laboratory, leading to the creation of a mutant elemental spirit; <Unstable Triroan>, whose desire was to absorb all the elemental power left behind.

As Daevas venture once again into this concealed facility, looking for more clues about Project Drakanhammer, they discovered how broken down and dangerous this laboratory turned to be, making it a priority to clear out all the menaces inside''.


[Instance] lvl 46 - Theobomos Lab Latest?cb=20160504191207

The instance can be ran in different ways. Some will be determined by random, others will be determined by the group's choice.

The party will be dropped off at the start point, the Lepharist Research Center Entrance. The way branches into three different paths, however most groups will choose to ignore the Researcher's Lounge and the Ice Corridor, opting to progress with the instance by heading forward.

Taking the path to the left will take the group to the Researcher's Lounge, a small set of long rooms with few enemies. At the end of it, players will find Queen Arachne's nest, the sheluk leader of the hive inhabiting the laboratory. Being a rather easy fight, she will only use Strike (a single target attack), Poison Fluid (induces a poisoning effect), Web (paralyses enemies) and Consume Flesh (leeching HP from a target). However, as soon as the fight starts, the Baby Agitated Sheluks will fight along. While small, they may pose a small threat since they will use Strike and Web as well. The purpose of this boss is to drop a Laboratory Chest Key, allowing the players to open a chest found further inside the instance.

Taking the path to the right will take the group to the Ice Corridor, a narrow hallway. connected to the Elemental Fire Extraction room. To gain access to this room however, the group must first defeat the gatekeeper; Frozen Harint. This mob will continually cast Cold Wind (an AoE movement speed slow down), run away and cast Water Strike (a long-range attack). Due to this rotation being used very often, players should first dispose of the nearby Frozen Blobbles, who, as soon as engaged, will summon clones of themselves, which may make the fight more difficult. With the gatekeeper defeated, the group may loot the Fire Key (TL) from him.

Using the key will open the way to the next boss; Torch Spirit Iprita. All Elemental Spirit bosses in the instance will summon additional mobs depending on their HP percentage, increasing the amount of adds as the fight wears on. While small, their damage is quite high, making it the top priority take them out as they spawn. Leaving them aside, Torch Spirit Iprita will commence casting Reflect (redirecting any damage inflicted on him back to the caster), Smash (a single target attack) and Wide Crippling Wave (knocking down all nearby enemies). However, time passes, he will begin performing Pull (skill) (pulling enemies near him), Summon Flame (activates the generator near him to cast an AoE attack) and Boost Fighting Spirit (boosting his physical attack). After being defeated, the group may then loot its corpse for a Laboratory Chest Key

Back to the Lepharist Research Center Entrance, most groups will press forward and take the small hallway to the right into the Central Control Room, which holds the boss holding the key needed to progress further. Cracked Nuhas will only use Strong Magical Blow and Crash, both common attacks. What makes him relevant is the chance of dropping on of the three elemental keys; Water Key (TL)Earth Key (TL) or Wind Key (TL) . Depending on the key dropped, it will determine the next boss they will fight.

[Instance] lvl 46 - Theobomos Lab Latest?cb=20160516081350
Three different paths

Three Paths

Backtracking and taking the left hallway instead of the right one will lead the party to a wide chamber which branches into three different paths. The one on the left will take them to Water Spirit Undine, in the Elemental Water Extraction. The one in the middle will take them to Soul Spirit Nomura, in the Elemental Earth Extraction. The one on the right will take them to Wistful Syripne, in the Elemental Wind Extraction. Just like Torch Spirit Iprita, they will all summon additional monsters across the fight. Each spirit offers a different difficulty, with the Wind Spirit being the hardest and the Earth Spirit being the easiest.

  • Water Spirit Undine: Will use Wave of Storm (single target attack) and Black Tsunami (an AoE increasing cast time of nearby targets). Players can loot Undine's Key to exit, and interact with the Water Element Device.
  • Soul Spirit Nomura: Will use Giant Tree's Roar (AoE attack), Hand of Weakness (single target attack) and Stun (skill) (stunning players). Players can loot Nomura's Key to exit, and interact with the Earth Element Device.
  • Wistful Syripne: Will use Summon Gust (AoE, makes targets bleed), Summon Lightning (single target attack) and Aggravate Mortal Wound (boosting its offensive stats). Players can loot Syripne's Key to exit, and interact with the Wind Element Device.

After the way is clear, the paths meet at one chamber. In the following two rooms, there is a small chance of a chest spawning in the middle, offering kinah, potions and sometimes Senior Researcher's Fabled headgear.

Silkor of Memory 

Optionally, players may fight the Silikor of Memory in the Elemental Core Genesis room. However, the fight may not start right away, as this boss will have the Ancient Barrier buff (a shield, negating all damage), which can only be removed by killing its two guards. In order to properly remove the shield, the guard will have to be killed when the Sealed Akaimum, who endlessly patrols around the room is near the guard you are trying to exterminate.

The group will first have to dispose of the First Silikor Guard, who will use Boost Fighting Spirit and Smash. After having done so, the group may move to the Second Silikor Guard, who will use Curse of Blessing (removing buffs of enemies) and Violent Snare (pulls enemies to her and slows them down), which is followed by Earth Upheaval (an AoE attack). If players fail to kill the guard in the appropriate time, they will respawn until it is done correctly. Once all guards are taken care, the Sealed Akaimum will break the Silikor of Memory's shield. Being an easy match, her only special skill is Large Magic Missle (a single target attack). Additional monsters may appear, however it is not always the case.

Platforms/Waste Facility
[Instance] lvl 46 - Theobomos Lab Latest?cb=20160516081540
Jump across platforms or drop down.

Moving to the Elemental Core Storage Room, players will find a set of moving platforms. If one successfully manages to jump across all of them, it will allow them to reach the Secret Research Center Vault (the last section of the instance) directly, instead of passing through the sewers. Anyone attempting it will have to watch out for the floating cores and make use of gliding. On the opposite side of the room, there will be a decayed narrow corridor leading to the Elemental Core Storage Room. There is only one chance, as when the player falls down, there is no way back up, forcing the player to go through the Waste Treatment Facility.

[Instance] lvl 46 - Theobomos Lab Latest?cb=20160516082018
Common chest (simple) - Rare chest (engravings)

The Waste Treatment Facility is a set of chambers with several weak mobs in them. The first room however, offers a special chest. This Antique Treasure Chest comes in two forms; a refined (with engravings) or a normal one (plain-looking). The latter will offer better rewards; between them Gentlewoman's Dress and Gentlewoman's Tiara (highly popular skins). The type of chest is determined randomly when the instance is started. However, in order to open it in the first place, players will have to be in possession of the Laboratory Chest Key, dropped from Queen Arachne and Torch Spirit Iprita.

Pressing forward into the Waste Treatment Facility, at the end the party will meet Naughty Pocachin, a gatekeeper guarding the sealed door behind him. An extremely easy fight with him only using Enervation, an AoE which will deal damage on nearby targets. Looting his corpse will give the players a Laboratory Key, used to access the Waste Elevator. This small room contains an elevator which will take them to the Secret Research Center Vault.

This last chamber is connected to the Elemental Core Storage Room, through a corridor which holds Kypros, an Elyos quest NPC. It is here were the paths meet. The chamber is also connected to the Library of Theobomos on the back. This small room is used as a quest area. Players will find Beautiful Galateia (a quest mob), Faded Book (dropping Book Research Center Document, allowing to start [Instance] lvl 46 - Theobomos Lab Latest?cb=20101230192052A Decisive Clue) and Assistant's Journal (item required for  [Instance] lvl 46 - Theobomos Lab Latest?cb=20101230192140Project Drakanhammer).

The last path from the Secret Research Center Vault leads to the Elemental Core Testing Room, the last room in the instance, holding the final and strongest boss; Unstable Triroan.

Final Boss

When fighting, the most important aspect is positioning of the boss. Every few seconds, from the center of the room, small spirits will spawn, and each of them will run to its respective elemental generator on the four corners of the room. As they reach it, it will cast a skill which may affect the players or boss depending on the element. However, these effects can be completely avoided if the targets are too far away from the generator. As such, players may choose to drag the boss to a corner of the room in order to only be affected by one of the generators. At 75% of HP, only one spirit will appear at a time, and as the fight progresses, more of them will appear; with two of them after 50% and three spirits at a time after 25%.

  • Fire Generator: Curse of Flame (An AoE attack, affecting all players near the Fire Generator)
  • Water Generator: Scream of Water (An AoE attack, affecting all players near the Water Generator)
  • Earth Generator: Wall of Earth (Forms a protective shield around Unstable Triroan)
  • Wind Generator: Wind Blade of Rage (An AoE attack, affecting all players near the Wind Generator)

Most parties will opt to drag Triroan to the corner near the Fire Generator due to its effect being the least damaging and being the furthest away from the Earth Generator.

Leaving the generators aside, the boss is rather rather resilient with a big skill set to go with its defences. Each phase mimics the previous spirit-bosses, changing the skill pattern completely. At first, he will stick to Reflect, Smash and Summon Flame just like Torch Spirit Iprita. Reaching 75%, he will only use Summon Lightning and Summon Gust like Wistful Syripne. At 50%, he will use Hand of Weakness (like Soul Spirit Nomura) and Tree Tendril (similar to Giant Tree's Roar). Finally after 25% he will stick to Wave of Storm and Black Tsunami like Water Spirit Undine.

Having defeated this maddened spirit, players may loot his body for the instance's main treasures.


  • Ancient Spirit's Fabled Accessories
  • Triroan's Fabled Weapons (melee weapons are extendables)
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