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[Instance] lvl 55 - Padmarashka's Cave Empty [Instance] lvl 55 - Padmarashka's Cave

Mon Apr 06, 2020 10:54 am
The entrance to Padmarashka’s Cave is located in both Inggison and Gelkmaros. See below for detailed directions.
In Inggison, the entrance to Padmarashka’s Cave is located in the Dramata Lair, north of the Forest of Antiquity. The simplest way to access Padmarashka’s Cave is to fly to the Undirborg Observation Post from the Inggison Illusion Fortress, then head southeast through the Sawtooth Valley to the Sawtooth Valley Gate. Pass through the Sawtooth Valley Gate and move northeast to the Forest of Antiquity. Balaur located in the Forest of Antiquity have a chance to drop Padmarashka’s Cave Key, which all players in the Alliance will need to possess to access the Instanced Dungeon.
In Gelkmaros, the entrance to Padmarashka’s Cave is located at the southern end of the Earthfang Gorge, south of the Petralith Canyon and Dragonrest. The simplest way to access Padmarashka’s Cave is to fly the Subterranea Observation Post from Gelkmaros Fortress, then head north through the Marayas Wilds, and follow the road west to the Marayas Southgate. Pass through the Marayas Southgate, and hop the Windstream that leads to the Earthfang Gorge. Balaur located in the Earthfang Gorge have a chance to drop Padmarashka’s Cave Key, which all players in the Alliance will need to possess to access the Instanced Dungeon.
To enter Padmarashka’s Cave, each player in the Alliance will need the Padmarashka’s Cave Key, which can be obtained from the Balaur outside the entrance to Padmarashka’s Cave in both Inggison and Gelkmaros.
In Inggison, all Balaur in the Forest of Antiquity have a chance to drop the Padmarashka’s Cave Key.
In Gelkmaros, all Balaur in the Earthfang Gorge have a chance to drop the Padmarashka’s Cave Key.
Only one key can be placed in the player’s inventory, however, multiple keys can be stored in a Pet Bag.Players can purchase the Padmarashka’s Cave Key from the Special Ordnance Quartermaster at Fortresses in Inggison and Gelkmaros. Note that only the Special Ordnance Quartermaster who spawns at Fortresses in the enemy race’s region will sell the Padmarashka’s Cave Key. For example, if an Elyos player wishes to purchase the Padmarashka’s Cave Key, their race will need to capture the Vorgaltem Citadel or Crimson Temple in Gelkmaros.
Only one Padmarashka’s Cave Key can be carried in the player’s cube, however, multiple Padmarashka’s Cave Keys can be deposited in a Pet Bag, allowing players to carry more than one. When entering Padmarashka’s Cave, the key will be consumed, and should the player want to re-enter, they will need to have another key.
The Dramata are horrific foes with powers that rival even the Dragon Lords, and Padmarashka is no exception. Wielding enormous teeth and claws with more than a dozen devastating skills at its disposal, Padmarashka could be the most fearsome encounter in all of Aion. The Padmarashka encounter can be broken down into three phases, and the effects of the previous phase will carry over into the next phase. To succeed, the Alliance will need to manage the unique circumstances of each phase in addition to Padmarashka (which can be quite a handful in of itself).
Padmarashka’s Cave is split into three areas: Reian Foothold, Padmarashka’s Cave, and Padmarashka’s Nest. At the Reian Foothold, players can collect a few Quests from the Reians, and purchase basic supplies.

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Continue from the Reian Foothold into Padmarashka’s Cave, where Padmarashka’s Balaur defenders roam. Clear through the area and proceed to Padmarashka’s Nest.

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Padmarashka’s Nest is the final area of Padmarashka’s Cave, and upon entering, players will notice that Padmarashka is protected by a shield. This shield grants Padmarashka the Protective Slumber buff, rendering it invincible to all attacks and also causing all attacks to be reflected.

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To dispel this shield, defeat the four Heroic monsters with the Padmarashka’s Protector title located in front of Padmarashka. These four monsters are:

Padmarashka’s Chief Medic
Padmarashka Sartip
Padmarashka’s Elite Captain
Padmarashka’s Elite Commander.

With these four defeated, Padmarashka can be engaged.
Padmarashka begins the encounter with two main skills—Destructive Claw and Venomous Claw. Padmarashka alternates attacking with these two abilities, both of which inflict massive damage, and also apply a debuff. The Destructive Claw debuff will cause Venomous Claw to inflict additional damage, and the Venomous Claw debuff will cause Destructive Claw to inflict additional damage.
To combat this, either have two tanks on Padmarashka bouncing enmity between the Destructive Claw and Venomous Claw attacks, or use a single tank with well timed cooldowns and several dedicated healers (however, depending on the tank’s experience and equipment, this might not be feasible)

[Instance] lvl 55 - Padmarashka's Cave C2ec0abe4239747a3cb0a8ed

Padmarashka will unleash more abilities as the encounter wears on, including Padmarashka’s Roar, an area of effect attack which inflicts massive damage, and Chilling Gaze, which paralyzes all targets in an area of effect for 10 seconds.

[Instance] lvl 55 - Padmarashka's Cave 6cb4107a1cb5c796d2169b7b

Padmarashka applies numerous debuffs, some of which can be dispelled, and others which cannot. The Padmarashka encounter is healing intensive on both the tanks and the Alliance, and thus it is important to bring several healers and ensure those healers know who to heal and remain in range of their healing targets.
In addition to Padmarashka itself, there are three different phases to the Padmarashka encounter that each present their own unique challenges.

Phase I
In the first Phase, Padmarashka begins summoning additional monsters to the battle. Padmarashka summons Balaur warriors from the instance entrance, and hatchers and eggs containing Neonate Drakan at the back of Padmarashka’s Nest.

[Instance] lvl 55 - Padmarashka's Cave E374b5dcd634058f41a07588

It is best to defeat these enemies as soon as possible or the Alliance risks being overwhelmed. To accomplish this, consider splitting the Alliance into separate Groups and assigning those Groups to attack the monsters spawning in different areas.
Phase II
In this phase, Padmarashka begins summoning huge eggs containing Veteran Drakan, which can inflict colossal damage and wreak havoc if allowed to hatch from their eggs.

[Instance] lvl 55 - Padmarashka's Cave E38e4d6b539a77a658fe87e8

When a huge egg is summoned, a system message displays “The huge hidden egg is finally revealed,” at which point a huge egg will spawn in one of the sand pits located around Padmarashka’s Nest. Destroy the eggs and their guardians as soon as possible to avoid being overwhelmed.
Phase III
When Padmarashka is at low health, the ceiling of the cave collapses around the edges of the room, necessitating that the Alliance moves to the center.

[Instance] lvl 55 - Padmarashka's Cave 35f99e570fd1fdf39ff841dd

When the ceiling caves in, a system message displays “The cave starts to crumble from Padmarashka’s might,” at which point areas around the cave will be affected with Cave Collapse.
In this phase, it’s important that all players remain aware of their surroundings, and ensure that no one is standing in a Cave Collapse, the Padmarashka tank or tanks in particular!
Expect the Padmarashka encounter to last some time, and while the damage and sheer scale of the encounter can be overwhelming, the key to success is assigning players to handle the different phase mechanics, while the tank (or tanks), healers, and a handful of damage dealers work on Padmarashka itself.
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