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05/26 - Fixes/Change Log Empty 05/26 - Fixes/Change Log

Tue May 26, 2020 1:12 pm
- Broker System received a few updates
- Kromede's Trial Silver Blade Rotan now gives more damage (as should be)
- Menotios drops have been added (as should be)
- Debilkarim the Maker drops have been fixed
- Fang Strike, Beast Kick, Beast Swipe received more improvements (needs to be tested)
- Spirit Master Summons speed have been fixed
- Platinum Medals have been removed from Esoterrace
- Quest [Spy/Daily] Crush the Cowards
- Quest The Balance
- Harvest Revel Pumpkin Hat and Shoes added to our shop
- Shop Wings are now permanent instead of only 30 days
- More Pets have been added to our Shop
- Added Tahabata Weapon skins to our Shop
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