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Clarifications on addressing Staff Empty Clarifications on addressing Staff

Wed May 27, 2020 9:51 pm
The server population is increasing, and the demand for work and some of my obligations with Lycidas are increasing. So I need to clarify a few things so that we can get in harmony with the community in order to never serve the players in a bad way.

Something we noticed is that as the reports, suggestions and requests for help are being addressed to me and Lycidas through the discord, website ticket and forum. Some issues are coming to us in a way that we cannot give the attention and focus they deserve because they are not following the rules of posting etc.

Ok, on Discord and the Website Ticket there are no specific rules for certain posts, such as suggestions for example.
So I'll make it clear here how everything should work so that players and staff can communicate efficiently and that we can make the epic journey fun for the whole community.
Lycidas and I are great partners in this project. The final decisions in each detail are made by two of us. However, each one is assigned to certain jobs in the project.

I will quote the functions of Lycidas:

  • Check, test, fix and catalog bugs.
  • Check complaints, apply punishments and enforce the rules of the project.
  • Toll release (currently our system works manually)
  • Direct and logistical contact with other project collaborators (Marketing and advertising professionals, programming professionals)
  • General server maintenance (updates, corrections, starting and ending events).

In short, these are the functions he proposed to do in this project, of course that does not prevent him from doing something more for the server, since our partnership and trust is what sustains this project. But I ask the community to try to limit themselves to asking Lycidas for help only in the situations I mentioned above.

My roles in the project:

  • Managing the community of players, checking health, progression and evaluating points that need to be improved in order to always promote fun in the project.
  • Analyze suggestions, all suggestions CAN and SHOULD be sent to me, this does not mean that Lycidas cannot work on this part, but as mentioned in his work above, he may have a high demand for things to solve. So all suggestions should be sent to me and preferably by private message on Discord so that I can check the pros and cons in real time with the player you suggested. . Suggestions that are not addressed in the aforementioned way can never be considered by us.This measure seeks to improve our reception of suggestions so that we can build an Epic project.

  • Report Lycidas on toll orders. (I do not add, but I can quickly warn Lycidas)
  • Enforce all the rules of the server, apply punishments, check reports.
  • Check, test and catalog bugs posted correctly on the forum after they are fixed by Lycidas. (I don't fix bugs and I can't always report what players report, as they must be posted in the right places).
  • Support ingame problems, with items, rewards, drops.
  • Promote events to the community through Streamers players.

In short, this is how we work on the server, I hope you understand and help us by reporting and suggesting the right way, so we can always serve you better.

Abysswalker - Community Manager
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