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How to report a bug? Empty How to report a bug?

Sun Apr 12, 2020 3:59 pm
To help keep our server running in the best possible way, in order to bring you fun and quality content, we need that all bugs that are found (light or critical), you report to our team.
Remembering that there will be no punishment for neglecting a bug, but taking advantage of it in a way that benefits or harms someone can lead to punishments provided for in our server rules.

So let's get down to business. How can I report a bug?

Create a topic in this forum and follow the steps bellow:

  • In the title of your message, make the subject very clear.
  • In the message content, use as much information as possible, such as npc names, locations, correct item name or quest name and time.
  • If possible send images and videos so that we can better check the consistency of the bug and the best way to correct it and possible reimbursements for the player.

After that, we will send a message to you thanking and confirming that we are aware of what happened and will take action on it.

Please wait for a resolution for the open topic.
If the bug is of a critical nature, we will inform the forum through an official announcement in the topic "Know Issues", detailing the progress of the work and guidance to the players.

For a more agile process, we may ask for another form of communication with the player to finally resolve your issues.

Please remember to use the correct area for bug reports, we need this so that we can catalog, clarify and fix the bugs in an agile and competent manner.

How to report a bug? Empty Re: How to report a bug?

Wed May 13, 2020 2:44 pm
Pernon Plaza, Mount coust 1 coin, but real 10 milion

Hello, here's the thing, today I went to buy a mount in Pernon, at the NPC Tarirunerk, the mount price at the NPC is 1 coin, but I was charged 10 million, I even thought it was the mount trial. I would like you to solve this small problem thanks.

How to report a bug? Aion0010
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