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06/10 - Fixes/Change Log Empty 06/10 - Fixes/Change Log

Wed Jun 10, 2020 3:51 pm
- Better engine to all mobs/bosses (Now they will cast the skills correctly)
- Crucible Challenge Instance small fixes
- Crucible Challenge Bonus Entry Scroll is now available in our shop for 30 tolls so even free players can have it by voting. How to vote guide: Here
- Fully reworked Emperyan Crucible with new drops and rewards. For more info click Here
- Beshmundir Temple receive a buff on Heroic and Fabled drop items
- Drops increased for the following items: Maddened Execration of Wrath, Execration of Wrath, Clouded Execration of Wrath
- New link to download our client https://www.aionepic.com/page/connect (Special thanks to @Soja about this)

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