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06/14 - Fixes/Change Log Empty 06/14 - Fixes/Change Log

Sun Jun 14, 2020 12:26 pm
- Quest From the Reaches of Nothingness Fixed!
- Siege Fortress Gates now have Collision and you can't attack the target through them
- Blinking characters now can be healed by AREA/GROUP heal skills (as retail)
- Ressurection Skills have now been fixed (test needed)
- When you die or go back to your kisk/obelisk and can't use any of your skills. Fixed!
- Showing multiple hits from mobs. Fixed!
- Wrights Token Npcs are now available in Sanctum with the daily quests (Recipe Npcs)
- Shapers Token Npcs are now available in Pandaemonium with they daily quests (Recipe Npcs)
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