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[Group] 3 Fragments of Agrif's Rage Empty [Group] 3 Fragments of Agrif's Rage

Wed Jul 01, 2020 3:02 pm
during my 4 runs of sulfur tree nest, I have noted that, the treasure chests there, drop nothing of the usual drops (at least of retail) such as AP items (lesser versions and normal ones), silver medals, kinah etc. In addition, nothing drops from the Golden Treasure Box AND the Sealed Gold Chest (except only from the Reshanta Weapon Series (blue weapons) and Reshanta armor pieces (blue armors)). As a result, there is no way to acquire the quest item for the said quest or the quest item (probably both elyos and asmodians have the same problem) that starts another quest (those items are (elyos) and (asmodians)). I suspect that the same problem might occur in the other lower abyss fortresses but I can't confirm as we don't own any other as a faction at the moment.Soon, I might try out the Upper Abyss dungeons to test out if there are similar problems with those instances, but as for now, this quest requires items from the lower abyss instances, which they should drop even for overleveled characters (overleveled chars only have access to quest items and not anything else). I have run the instance with both eligible and overleveled chars and the result is the same.

Thanks for your time!

[Group] 3 Fragments of Agrif's Rage Empty Lower Abyss Fortress Instances

Tue Jul 07, 2020 7:55 am
  an update to the previous post, about the quests of the lower abyss fortresses.
1. (Balaur in the Sulfur Tree Nest). This quests does not update after killing the balaur there, the only kills that count are those of the Ashikar Sentinels (apparently every kill should count).
2. (Threat of the Left Wing Chamber). This quest only updates after killing Ashikar Assailants (should update after any kill).
3. (Right Wing Raid). This quest does not update at all (again every kill should count towards it).

All of the lower fortresses don't seem to drop the required quest item from the chests for the Three Fragments of Agrif's Rage and all AP chests seem to be always empty (don't remember to not get any relics and medals after so many runs in retail).

Thanks again.

Edit: [Threat of the Left Wing Chamber] quest cannot be handed in (talking to npc Srim does nothing).
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