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04/30 - Fixes Empty 04/30 - Fixes

Thu Apr 30, 2020 1:11 pm
- Many Spawn fixes
- Added the player command .questrestart
- Added the player command .noexp
- Quest The Ruins of Roah fixed
- Quest Expert Advice fixed
- Quest Practical Aerobatics fixed
- Quest [Growth] Nochsana Infiltration fixed
- Quest [Growth] Heartburn fixed
- Quest [Growth] Bad Bakarma fixed
- Quest [Growth] Bioweapon Interference fixed
- Drop from Gathering Kit  fixed
- Drop from Chieftain Kurka fixed
- Drop from Sartemon the Insane fixed
- Implemented more spawn rifts to the following maps: Beluslan, Morheim, Eltnen, Heiron
- Change the Lower Abyss Siege Bosses level from 40 to 50 so all players can have contribuition in this sieges
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