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Chantra Dredgion bugs Empty Chantra Dredgion bugs

Sat May 02, 2020 11:58 pm
We noticed a few bugs in Dredgion today.

1) The colors of the rooms were not displaying accurately; sometimes, rooms that had been taken by Asmo appeared to be Elyos. Sometimes, rooms would change color after that had already been taken earlier in the dredge. See pic below (Asmos captured those 2 on the top).

Chantra Dredgion bugs YhrUaBg

2) At one point, the score changed to be (4-0), but about 30 seconds later changed back to the actual score (see screenshot below).

Chantra Dredgion bugs Xs5h5Cm

3) I didn't witness this myself, but the opposing team may not have been getting point from killing surkanas.
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