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Chantra Dredgion Drops Empty Chantra Dredgion Drops

on Wed Jun 17, 2020 5:29 am
Chantra Dredgion Drops Sem_tz11

We have added 100% Gold Medal and Platinum Medal to Chantra Dredgion!  (To one specific elite mob, not all elites in the marked zone)

Blue Area Elite: Will drop 1 Gold Medal for each member of the Asmodian Race! Elite Mob: Quartermaster Nupakun

Red Area Elite: Will drop 1 Gold Medal for each member of the Elyos Race! Elite Mob: Takahan

Green Area Elite: Will drop 1 Platinum Medal for each member of any Race! Elite Mob: Chantra Sniper

Doesn't matter if Elyos kill the Asmodians mob they will not get their Medal and vice-versa! Is 1 Gold Medal for each race.

We are aware of some visual bugs inside Chantra Dredgion regarding the colors in the map and we are working on a fix for it, if you find any other bug please report it here in the forums to keep it on track and fix it!

This Event can be changed or removed at any time!


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