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We need a solution for Arenas and Dredgion. Empty We need a solution for Arenas and Dredgion.

Tue Jul 14, 2020 5:10 am
I'm not the only person that has expressed discontent on how Arenas are right now.

Discipline is just queuing people against each other (or alts) and they pass whenever they don't synch, forcing anyone that is doing a legit queue to get the loser's rewards. Harmony is a stupidly large wait just to get a premade and get over 8 minutes of shame just to get the same losing rewards as discipline loss, you get more courage insignias just by grinding in the eye. I can't say about Chaos and Glory but last time I queued Chaos it was a team up disgrace.

It's pointless to quick entry knowing that all you're going to do is sit idle for THIRTHY SEVEN minutes. Can it please be changed to, for example to where a medal is guaranteed for Auxiliary and Engine and killing the middle key boss gives a additional one for the winners in less than 20 minutes? Make it a 15-20 minute window?
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