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Tiamaranta drops need fix. Empty Tiamaranta drops need fix.

Sat Jul 11, 2020 7:03 pm
As Abysswalker shared, the Balaur mobs are not dropping things correctly. Urges have a high drop rate, higher than "normal" balic mats such as scales, horns or bloods. The Balaur mobs are also dropping level 55 fluxes and level 50 balic materials, which should not be the case. https://aioncodex.com/3x/npc/218548/

Drops need to be fixed in order of hierarchy, from common to rare; and Urges being more rare.

There are also level 60 Elemental Stones that should not be dropping on this patch

Tiamaranta drops need fix. Empty Re: Tiamaranta drops need fix.

Sun Jul 12, 2020 6:15 am
Today ( or Yesterday), as Abysswalker shared, many users watched what is the loot table for the eye mobs.
And I read the entire thread from numerous people. Some wanted courage insignia, some don't want anything from the eye.
As the GM decided to open Tiamaranta's eye for all faction, here is my proposal for drop issue and drop issue only.

1. Please make Eye mobs dropping level 60 Balic materials only.
- there is nothing to make with lvl 50 Balic mats. ( except for the skin, but then it requires tons of hot balaur hearts)

2. Power shards needs to drop from those mobs.
- it is not even a big thing. but it may increase the user's motivation.

3. Increasing normal grade gears ( white gear) may motivate low geared users to earn more kinah
- this is free server and kinah isn't worth enough to high geared players. But still worth for low level'd users and low geared users. From the drop rates now, there is no way to earn such kinah for the people who still need to buy stuff ( stigmas, skillbooks and etc)

4. some kinah suppose to drop from the eye mobs
-it was always. Grinding = Kinah

Lastly, those proposals are not just for the eye mobs.
All mobs should have more drop rate for normal graded gears ( white gear).
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