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Tiamaranta Eye Release Empty Tiamaranta Eye Release

Wed Jun 17, 2020 4:49 am
Tiamaranta Eye Release Tiamat10

So as the title says we will open this map in our server! To promote more farming and PVP we will be adding Tiamaranta Eye to our progression now.

- Will be portals that teleport Daevas to Tiamaranta Eye in Sanctum/Pandaemonium 24/7
- Mobs level have been reduced to 55
- A few mobs as Key Masters have been removed from the map
- Added more boxes from Balaurea Treasure Events around the map
- The Balaurea Treasure Event have been moved from Inggison/Gelkmaros to Eye and the Key boxes will drop from all Tiamaranta Eye mobs
- All mobs inside Tiamaranta Eye have a drop chance for Arena Ticket and Arena of Harmony Ticket
- All mobs inside Tiamaranta Eye have a drop chance for Wright's Token and Shaper's Token for it respective race
- All mobs inside Tiamaranta Eye have a drop chance for pacification items.
- Chests contain a 100% drop chance of Small GM Gift Box and 20% drop chance (normal account) of Big GM Gift Box

Small GM Gift Box contains:

[Event] Greater Immortal Running Scroll
[Event] Greater Immortal Awakening Scroll
[Event] Greater Immortal Courage Scroll
Greater Raging Wind Scroll
Fine Recovery Serum
Fine Recovery Potion
Lesser Ancient Icon
Lesser Ancient Goblet
Lesser Ancient Crown
Manastone: Attack +5
Manastone: Crit Strike +17
Manastone: Magic Boost +27
Manastone: Resist Magic +14

Big GM Gift Box contains:

Silver Medal>
Black Cloud Enchantment Box
Felicitous Socketing (Fabled)
Greater Divine Life Serum
Greater Divine Mana Serum
Greater Divine Wind Serum
Greater Ancient Crown
Crucible Insignia (500 to 1000)

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