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[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple Empty [Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple

Mon Apr 06, 2020 10:48 am
Beshmundir’s Walk and the Gate of Repose

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Players will begin at Beshmundir’s Walk, a corridor with a switchback that leads to the Gate of Repose.

Captain Lakhara protects the Gate of Repose, and is Beshmundir Temple’s first Named Monster. Only by defeating Captain Lakhara will players be able to access the rest of Beshmundir Temple.

Named Monster 1: Captain Lakhara (aka the noob grinder)

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Captain Lakhara is the first boss of Beshmundir Temple, and is designed to filter out Groups that are not prepared for the rest of the dungeon. If Groups have trouble with Captain Lakhara, or flat out cannot defeat him, it’s a fair assumption that the rest of Beshmundir Temple will be even more difficult.This encounter will require a Cleric and Templar, as Captain Lakhara’s burst damage combined with the healing debuff can be devastating.

Captain Lakhara will begin the fight with a Submissive Strike. This attack inflicts massive damage, and reduces the effect of healing on the target for 30 seconds. Lakhara will use this attack about once per 15 seconds, so expect it to be on the tank for most of the encounter.

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Throughout the fight Captain Lakhara will raise his hands into the air and yell “Face my wrath!”. This signals that he is about to use Spinning Smash.

Captain Lakhara will then attack with 3 back to back Spinning Smash attacks, which will hit all targets in melee range. Lakhara tends to follow up the Spinning Smash attacks with a Submissive Strike. In addition to a high amount of initial damage, Spinning Smash also applies a damage over time effect to the target that lasts 15 seconds.

This is the most dangerous part of the encounter for the tank, as the effect of healing will be reduced from Submissive Strike, and Spinning Smash can cause a lot of damage. To mitigate some of the damage from Spinning Smash, the tank can take the first Spinning Smash, and then move out of range while Lakhara winds up for the following two. The entire Group is advised to use their best judgment to move out of range before Lakhara yells “Face my wrath!” to avoid the subsequent Spinning Smash attacks.

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Lakhara will also use Seal of Victory, which raises his Evasion rate making him harder to hit. This buff can be dispelled by a Spiritmaster’s Dispel Magic.When Captain Lakhara drops below 10% HP, he will start using Certain Doom. Before unleashing this attack, a system message will display “Captain Lakhara is preparing his final strike!”. This attack can kill a tank in one hit, therefore, once Captain Lakhara reaches 10% it’s important to finish him as fast as possible, and for the tank to help soak the damage with any skills at their disposal.
Once Captain Lakhara is defeated, the gate behind him will open.

The Oracular Chamber

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Once Captain Lakhara is defeated, it is possible to fight the next 9 boss monsters in whichever order. However, The Soulcaller is located in the Oracular Chamber, which is adjacent to the Gate of Repose.There is a Quest chain to access the true final boss of Beshmundir Temple, Stormwing, and one of the first steps of that Quest is associated with defeating The Soulcaller. In order to access the Oracular Chamber and The Soulcaller, players will need to be on the appropriate step of the Quest.

If players have not completed or acquired the Stormwing Quest chain, and thus cannot access The Soulcaller, Manadar in the Crypt of the Vanquished is a wise alternative.

Named Monster 1a: The Soulcaller

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The Soulcaller has two abilities that can cause instant death to those who do not pay close attention, but these fatal abilities are simple to counter. The Soulcaller will begin the fight with an Earthly Retribution. This skill will inflict fatal damage to one player, but can be interrupted with silence, which almost necessitates the presence of a Ranger or Assassin.

The Soulcaller also uses Punishment; a shield which reflects 100% of the damage dealt back at the attacker, and lasts 5 seconds. When The Soulcaller begins casting Punishment, it’s essential that all damage stop until the buff wears off.

Throughout the encounter, The Soulcaller will fear players using Curse of the Legion, which lasts 2 seconds. Curse of the Legion may interrupt heals or tanking from time to time, but shouldn’t have a huge impact on the outcome of the encounter.

The Twisting Passage and the Crypt of the Vanquished

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Once Captain Lakhara is defeated, players have access to Manadar and most of Beshmundir Temple’s Named Monsters. Manadar is located in the Crypt of the Vanquished, and is one of the easiest to reach from Captain Lakhara.

To reach Manadar, exit the Gate of Repose from the door that opened after Captain Lakhara was defeated, turn right, then take an immediate left and follow the stairs down. At the bottom of this area is the Acheron Mire, and to the right is the Crypt of the Vanquished. Bhemah stands watch in front of the corridor that leads to Manadar. Follow the corridor to its end to find Manadar himself.

Named Monster 2: Manadar

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Manadar is a standard “Ranger” class monster; he will use ranged attacks, drop traps, and attempt to slow the tank with Hobbling Slash.This encounter is less healing intensive on the tank than Captain Lakhara, but there is a potential for more area of effect damage to the Group.

Manadar will begin the fight with Auspicious Spur, which decreases the tank’s evasion rate (nothing too heinous). Throughout the fight Manadar will use Hobbling Slash on the tank to slow their movement speed. Since there’s no need to move Manadar around, Hobbling Slash doesn’t seem like a huge issue.

However, Manadar will drop traps, which the tank will want to avoid when possible. The Explosion Trap will deal moderate damage in its area of effect, while the Shock Trap will deal a similar amount of damage and cause knockdown. The Cleric should be able to heal the tank through the traps, but other melee damage dealers should avoid all traps when possible.

On Normal Mode, Manadar will use the Explosion Trap often, dropping one to two at a time throughout the fight; Manadar will use Shock Trap less frequently. Ranged classes and healers should bunch up and remain at max range from Manadar. Use area of effect spells and attacks to destroy traps that appear near the ranged and healers.

While Manadar’s damage is nothing compared to Captain Lakhara, it can be a lot to keep up with when paired with traps.

The Acheron Mire and Macunbello’s Refuge

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To reach the Acheron Mire, head back to the Twisting Passage from the Crypt of the Vanquished, and turn right, then proceed to the dock where the Plegeton Boatman awaits. To get to Macunbello, players will need to cross three islands. The Plegeton Boatmen will offer to ferry players across. On these islands are several Normal Monsters, as well as an Elite Brutal Soulwatcher. Killing the Brutal Soulwatcher releases the soul of a Plegeton Boatman, who will provide passage to the next island. Killing the normal monsters on the island weakens Macunbello.

To begin the Macunbello encounter, speak to the Plegeton Boatman on the dock near Calike. Be advised, falling in the water here is a bad thing, and tends to result in instant death. The boatman will provide passage to the first island. Players will have about 4 minutes 45 seconds to engage Temadaro, Macunbello’s Guardian, who patrols the shore leading to Macunbello’s Refuge.  Once Temadaro is engaged Macunbello will remain.

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple B567b923ffd8c97bacaffcd0
On each island it’s important to engage and defeat as many of the normal monsters as possible, in addition to the Brutal Soulwatcher. Area of effect skills come in handy to defeat the Normal Monsters. Remember, there’s a time limit, so balance defeating the Normal Monsters with reaching Macunbello in time.Depending on the number of Normal Monsters defeated, Macunbello will be stronger or weaker. If none of the Normal Monsters are defeated, Macunbello will deal colossal damage with his Shockwave and Tide of Darkness abilities, and Tide of Darkness is an area of effect skill that can hit the entire Group. If all the monsters are defeated, Macunbello will deal less damage.

Named Monster 3: Macunbello

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Macunbello will begin the fight with the Devour Soul buff, which makes him invincible for a short time. Because it will be hard for a tank to build threat while this is happening, try to limit healing while the buff is active.
Once the Devour Soul debuff disappears, Macunbello can be engaged. Macunbello will cast Absorb Energy of Darkness on the tank, which will drain their MP. He will also use Tide of Darkness to deal area of effect damage to the Group, and Shockwave which will hit the tank.
It is possible to use the pillars in Macunbello’s Refuge to line of sight some of Macunbello’s attacks, but it should not be necessary on Normal Mode provided Macunbello has been weakened.

The Vault of the Conquerors

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Drop down from Macunbello’s Refuge and players will find themselves in the Vault of the Conquerors. There are two bosses in the Vault of the Conquerors, and the Plaguebearer is the first. To reach the Plaguebearer, hang a right down the corridor at the end of the room, and follow the trail of slime.

The Plaguebearer (drives a van with curtains)

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The Plaguebearer is a disgusting gelatinous blob that somehow managed to trap an innocent looking little girl inside of it.Players will fight The Plaguebearer inside of an enclosure that looks to be made of ooze. It’s essential to have ranged damage dealers for this encounter, as The Plaguebearer will spend about half of the fight hovering near the ceiling, and will be out of range of melee.

Many of The Plaguebearer’s abilities cause poisoning which cannot be removed. The tank can expect to have the effects of Plaguebearer’s Projectile Vomit and Plaguebearer’s Mucus on at all times. Each of these debuffs inflicts poison damage over time, and Plaguebearer’s Mucus will also decrease attack speed. The Plaguebearer will also use the Plaguebearer’s Digestive Fluid attack, which is an area of effect attack that will hit the entire Group.

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple Ac78fa9d11d0c4636a915f7d
In addition to its numerous abilities, The Plaguebearer will summon Plaguebearer Fragments throughout the encounter. The Plaguebearer Fragments are Elite Rank 4 monsters. Plaguebearer Fragments will cast Acid Spray, which deals moderate damage and applies a debuff that inflicts damage over time.The Plaguebearer will summon one to two Fragments at a time, and these can either be ignored in favor of beating down The Plaguebearer with all haste, or defeated before the little fiends overwhelm the Group

The Vault of the Conquerors Continued

Vehala the Cursed can be found at the end of the corridor that runs through the Vault of the Conquerors, and is a stone’s throw from the Plaguebearer.

Named Monster 5: (Corporeal) Vehala the Cursed

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple De470301184ec84a7671d233

Vehala’s main skill is Implosion. When he yells “We shall all be redeemed.”, it signals that he is about to cast Implosion. Implosion causes massive damage and stuns all targets in the area of effect for 7 seconds. Following Implosion, Vehala is affected by the Petrification buff, which decreases his physical and magical defense. Once Petrification wears off, Vehala will use Powerful Strike on the tank, which causes massive damage.To overcome this encounter, it’s easiest to tank Vehala in the corner of the room, and have all players but the tank run out of range when Vehala starts casting Implosion. Following Implosion, damage dealers can move back in range and attack Vehala while his defenses are weakened, but it’s important to watch aggro as the tank will be stunned until Implosion wears off.

There is a chance that Vehala the Cursed will appear as a specter, and will have a few different abilities.

Most of Spectral Vehala’s abilities are identical to Corporeal Vehala’s abilities, with a few exceptions. Spectral Vehala will use Vengeful Spirit’s Scream on the tank, causing them to flee in terror for a short time. Vehala will stop using this at about 75% HP.

When Vehala dips below 25% HP, he will start using two consecutive Powerful Strikes after each Implosion, as opposed to one. These are the sole differences between Corporeal and Spectral Vehala the Cursed.

The Crypt of the Vanquished and Vault of the Conquerors Revisited

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Throughout the Crypt of the Vanquished and the Vault of the Conquerors are Warrior Monuments. Ahbana the Wicked will appear in the Watcher’s Nexus after a certain number of Warrior Monuments in the Crypt of the Vanquished and the Vault of the Conquerors are destroyed.When a Warrior Monument is destroyed, the system message “Ahbana the Wicked is on alert” appears. When Ahbana has spawned, the system message “Ahbana the Wicked has appeared in the Watcher’s Nexus” appears.

The Watcher’s Nexus

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To reach the Watcher’s Nexus, follow the Twisting Passage back to the Gate of Repose (where Captain Lakhara was previously). The Watcher’s Nexus will be on the right.

Named Monster 6: Ahbana the Wicked (now with 37% more wickedness!)

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Ahbana the Wicked is a challenging encounter that requires patience and attention to detail. The most difficult part of the encounter is dealing with the effects of Weeping Curtain. This ability affects the entire Group, and renders healing ineffective for 15 seconds. Ahbana will cast this ability frequently, but there will always be a small window between one Weeping Curtain and the next where healers can use healing spells.The encounter begins with Ahbana the Wicked casting Weakness, which will decrease the Wind Resist of all in range, and lasts 60 seconds. The Group will be affected by this ability for most of the encounter. Later in the encounter, Ahbana the Wicked will start casting Current of Doubt, which will deal more damage to those affected by Weakness.

Soon after casting Weakness, Ahbana will cast the first Weeping Curtain, rendering healing ineffective for 15 seconds. Ahbana will also start releasing Soulforms.

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple 8224972f9813991775c5f13e
When Ahbana releases a Soulform, a system message stating “The Subjugated Souls have been released!” is displayed. It’s important that the entire Group makes an effort to attack the Soulforms, as attacking a Soulform provides the Dark Judgment buff.

Dark Judgment decreases defense, but increases attack, increases casting speed (most spells become instant cast), and causes MP to regenerate. With instant cast healing spells, dealing with the effects of Weeping Curtain becomes much more manageable, and all classes, Sorcerers in particular, will be inflicting more damage to Ahbana. Make use of the Soulforms, and this encounter is over quick.

The Twisting Passage and the Forgotten Storeroom

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When The Soulcaller has been defeated, players will receive the next part of the Quest sending them to the Forgotten Storeroom, which can be accessed by way of the Twisting Passage. The entrance to the Forgotten Storeroom is located in the Twisting Passage, just before the room where The Great Virhana resides, and just ahead of the ramp that leads to the Acheron Mire.

Inside the Forgotten Storeroom are two optional bosses related to the Stormwing Quest chain: Shadowshift and Thurzon the Undying. Shadowshift is the first.

Named Monster 1b: Shadowshift (a.k.a. a throbbing pain in the hind quarters)

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Shadowshift might look simple on the surface, but this is one of the more difficult encounters in Beshmundir Temple. Shadowshift itself is dangerous, however, the additional monsters it summons will wreak the most havoc on the Group.
Shadowshift summons monsters called Black Dregs. The Black Dregs will use Pungent Odor, which is an area of effect attack that will inflict moderate damage to those in melee range. Black Dregs will remain until slain, and several dozen can be up at the same time. If too many Black Dregs are up at the same time, their area of effect damage will overwhelm the Group.

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple 11a3c435acc8b0055506330e
It’s easiest to have a ranged class, like a Ranger, tank this encounter, and have melee damage dealers focus on defeating the Black Dregs.

Shadowshift has a handful of skills in addition to its normal attack. Shadowshift will use Electrocution and Discharge on all targets that are attacking it. Players that are not inflicting damage to Shadowshift will not be hit by these attacks. Shadowshift will also use Grudge Slam, which inflicts moderate damage and pulls the target to Shadowshift.At 75%, 50%, and 25% HP, Shadowshift will chant “Rebirth… Rebirth… Rebirth”, which signals that it is using Immortal Reverie. This buff lasts a short time, and heals Shadowshift.For a menacing skeletal dragon with suffix like “the Undying” attached to its name, Thurzon dies like a frightened Drakie. However, there are still a few skills of which to be aware.

From the start of the encounter, Thurzon will be using Terrorizing Flame, which applies a debuff that drains MP, as well as Inevitable Flame, which inflicts moderate damage, decreases the target’s evasion rate, increases block, and cannot be avoided.
Once the Thurzon is at 75% HP, the encounter will get a little more interesting. Thurzon will summon an Immortal Watcher. The Immortal Watcher will use Draw Essence on all players, which will drain MP. Thurzon will also cast Mana Tap, which lasts 30 seconds and will heal Thurzon’s HP for the duration.

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple 8997cc6c677e9129a5cadfd9
Players should move to stand near the Immortal Watcher as soon as possible, as it will start using Life Tap. Life Tap deals minor damage, but restores a significant amount of MP. The Immortal Watcher will despawn after a short time. At 50% and 25%, Thurzon will summon another Immortal Watcher, and repeat the above process.

Overall, this is an easy encounter, and all of the skills that drain MP can be offset by the Immortal Watcher’s Life Tap.

The Hero’s Vault

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple 92be65c444f7f0d72c3ccd6c
The Great Virhana blocks access to the final 5 Named Monsters of Beshmundir Temple, and is located in the Hero’s Vault. To reach the Hero’s Vault, head back to the Twisting Passage, and follow it to it end.

Named Monster 7: The Great Virhana (has a well earned name)

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple Ff7378411bb8785884ca0286

The Great Virhana earns his name with incredible damage and one-hit kills. This encounter is an old fashioned damage race to the finish, and if players don’t win the race, Virhana will make them pay. Virhana will begin the battle with the Seal of Reflection buff, which lasts 70 seconds and reflects long range attacks. This means that the entire Group will need to be in melee range with Virhana. Virhana will also use Massive Strike in between attacking the tank, which will hit all targets in melee range for massive damage.

In the first 70 seconds of the encounter, it’s important to use all buffs, skills, and abilities that increase damage, because when Seal of Reflection expires after 70 seconds, The Great Virhana will start using Virhana’s Curse.

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple E3546654128c292870bdc433
Virhana’s Curse will deal fatal damage, and Virhana will target one player and cast the curse once every 10 seconds after Seal of Reflection expires. Virhana’s Curse has a 5 second cast time.

This means that, 70 seconds into the fight, Virhana’s Curse will be used on a random Group member, and Virhana will continue casting it every 10 seconds afterward. Keeping up with resurrections and healing becomes difficult if this lasts too long, so it’s important to do as much damage as possible as quick as possible, and defeat Virhana before he begins using Virhana’s Curse.

The Garden of the Dead and the Garden of the Entombed

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple F6e58b02820f9aab2de35e73
When The Great Virhana is defeated, a passage opens up behind him that leads to the Garden of the Dead. Traversing this area can seem treacherous given the abundance of monsters, but large groups of monsters can be defeated with ease by utilizing the Explosive Roots.

Just gather up a bunch of monsters on top of an Explosive Root, take a swing at it, and it will explode killing the monsters.To find the next boss, proceed straight ahead from the entrance to the Garden of the Dead and around the giant monolith. Climb the hill for a bit, and Shulacks from the Nightshade Clan will start to appear. This area is called the Garden of the Entombed.

Named Monster 8: Dorakiki the Bold, Chopper, and Fixit

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple D5b4f2257690c2839095a958

In the Garden of the Entombed is Dorakiki the Bold, the leader of the Shulack grave robbers known as the Nightshade Clan.

Dorakiki the Bold is the most dangerous foe in this encounter, and will require a full time tank and a dedicated healer. Dorakiki doesn’t hit too hard, but will apply about half a dozen debuffs to the tank that will deal damage over time, diminish statistics, and cannot be dispelled. Dorakiki’s debuffing abilities include Sluggish Cloud, which slows the target, Exhausting Cloud, which decreases the target’s attack speed, and Hazy Cloud, which decreases the target’s evasion.
In addition to debuffs, Dorakiki’s damage over time abilities include Violent Cloud, which causes poison but increases block, as well as Itching Cloud, Tickling Cloud, and Stinging Cloud which only cause poison. The tank can be inflicted with as many as 7 debuffs and damage over time abilities simultaneously, so it’s important to stay on top of healing.

The Garden of the Dead and the Blue Flame Incinerator

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple B6dff80b8601af8ac49ed11f
The next Named Monster is Flarestorm, which resides at the Blue Flame Incinerator connected to the Garden of the Dead. To reach the Blue Flame Incinerator, head up the path towards the Temple of Eternity. In the middle of the path and to the right is a stone arch. Pass through it to find Flarestorm.

To access Flarestorm, players will need to be on the correct step of the corresponding Quest. Otherwise, players will not have the key needed to unlock the Blue Flame Incinerator.

Named Monster 1d: Flarestorm

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple F7840da3a2286e20c17547b3
Flarestorm will begin the encounter with Pressure Wave, and follow Pressure Wave with Shroud of Ash. Shroud of Ash has a long cast time, and applies a debuff that inflicts periodic damage, but increases Darkness Defense.  The Shroud of Ash debuff will prevent players from receiving colossal damage from Orb of Annihilation, which Flarestorm will cast soon after.Pressure Wave deals moderate damage, and can be avoided by moving out of melee range, but it’s easier for the Group to remain in range for Pressure Wave, and thus ensure that the entire Group receives Shroud of Ash.

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple 0ebc82f63d65d84d9e96dcc9
At 80%, Flarestorm will summon an additional Monster called a Calamity. The Calamity is a Rank 4 Normal Monster, and doesn’t have much health. However, if the Calamity is left alive for too long, it will sacrifice itself with Reckless Abandon, and deal massive damage to all targets in melee range.

The best strategy for dealing with the Calamity is to kill it before it has a chance to use Reckless Abandon. Combine Reckless abandon with an ill-timed Pressure Wave, and it can spell disaster for the Group.

Flarestorm will summon a Calamity again at 60%, 40%, and 20%.

The Garden of the Dead and the Temple of Eternity Entrance

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple 833a2e556606ba93e12cdf00
Taros Lifebane is the next Named Monster, and is located near the Temple of Eternity Entrance.  To reach Taros, follow the path that leads out of the Garden of the Dead, and climb the path that parallels the cliff face.

Named Monster 9: Taros Lifebane

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple B9cf4516928daf94cf307039

Taros Lifebane guards the entrance to the Temple of Eternity, and also carries the Temple of Eternity Key. Despite a foreboding appearance, Taros Lifebane is one of the easiest Named Monsters in Beshmundir Temple.Taros only has one unique attack: Wrathful Strike. This attack inflicts massive damage, decreases the target’s evasion, and increases their block. While the damage of this attack is significant, it’s nothing that a Cleric shouldn’t be able to heal through. Wrathful Strike is a frontal cone attack, so melee, ranged, and healers should not stand in front of the boss.

When Taros is at about 75% HP, he will start using the Frantic buff, which increases his attack speed. A Spiritmaster can dispel the Frantic buff with Dispel Magic.

When Taros has Frantic active, healing can be a little intense, but with or without a Spiritmaster, the Frantic buff will not have much effect on the outcome of the encounter.

Heal the tank, stand to the side, and Taros will fall over.

The Temple of Eternity

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple Cbfef5b45b73faccaabba508
The Temple of Eternity boasts some impressive architecture and is protected by several dozen Balaur. In order to access the Ritual Chamber where Isbariya the Resolute resides, players will need to defeat a series of Gatekeepers and Protectors in search of the Ritual Chamber Key.

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple 4e10834c06ccb5c689d34fc9
Gatekeeper monsters will spawn on the first floor of the Temple in predetermined locations. The Gatekeepers are: Gatekeeper Darfall, Gatekeeper Kutarrun, Gatekeeper Rhapsharr, and Gatekeeper Samarrn. Each Gatekeeper carries a key to one of the four chambers surrounding the Ritual Chamber.  The four chambers are: Meditation Chamber, Contemplation Chamber, Petition Chamber, and Supplication Chamber. Inside each chamber is a Protector monster.

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple A1c5244eaad9e8d6f4c69ec7
Defeat the Protector, and another Gatekeeper will spawn. However, beside each Protector, there is a chance that the Mystery Box will spawn.

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple 8a214386863093a4de98af1e
The Mystery Box contains the Ritual Chamber Key leading to Isbariya the Resolute.

Players might defeat one Gatekeeper and find the Mystery Box in the corresponding Chamber, or might have to defeat all four Gatekeepers and Protectors to acquire the Ritual Chamber Key; it’s just a matter of luck.

Named Monster 10: Isbariya the Resolute

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple B673bc145384dd79c033f894

Stormwing might be the final boss of Beshmundir Temple, but in some respects, Isbariya the Resolute is just as difficult.
Isbariya the Resolute is one of the more complex encounters in Beshmundir Temple. The encounter can be broken down into four phases, and in each phase players will often have to perform tasks outside of their standard class roles.This encounter is about as anti-tank and spank as it gets in Aion.

Phase 1

Before engaging Isbariya, note the location of the two artifacts in front of him.
The blue artifact on the left side is the Divine Artifact. Striking this artifact with an auto-attack provides the player and any surrounding allies with the Foul Shroud buff, which reduces the damage from Seething Explosion for a short time.
The red artifact on the right side is the Magic Artifact. Striking this artifact with an auto-attack provides the player and any surrounding allies with the Abjurant Mantle buff, which reduces the damage from Arcane Combustion for a short time.

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple B3b6d69811d44eb18c65de41
Once Isbariya the Resolute is engaged, he will begin casting Seething Explosion and Arcane Combustion. These abilities will deal fatal damage, and must be avoided to survive. To mitigate the effects of Seething Explosion and Arcane Combustion, players must receive the corresponding artifact’s buff.
Attacking an artifact will provide the attacker and any allies in close range with a buff that will mitigate the damage from Seething Explosion or Arcane Combustion.

Phase 2

When Isbariya is at 75% HP, Phase 2 will begin. In this phase, Isbariya stops all abilities from Phase 1, and begins transforming Group members into spirits and summoning Sacrifical Souls. The Sacrificial Souls will spawn behind Isbariya the Resolute, and begin walking towards him. Should a Sacrificial Soul reach Isbariya, he will unleash a powerful attack that can devastate the Group.

Isbariya will spawn about 7-14 Sacrifical Souls behind him at a time, and will transform 1-2 players into spirits. Note that the tank, or the target that has enmity, cannot be affected by the transformation, but all others can. Players who have been transformed into spirits will only have access to auto-attack, and cannot use other abilities.

Defeat the souls as soon as possible, and push Isbariya to 50% HP.

Phase 3

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple 08b661e209fcf77597a807e7
At 50% HP, Isbariya the Resolute will begin summoning Apocalyptic Energy, and will discontinue all abilities from Phase 2. The Apocalyptic Energy are small spheres of energy that float around the room, and aggro and de-aggro on random Group members.The best strategy for dealing with the Apocalyptic Energy spheres is to kite them around the room until their aggro switches to another target. The Apocalyptic Energy can do a lot of damage with Murderous Intent, and having to heal that target and the tank can strain the Cleric or Chanter.

Phase 4

At 25% HP, the final phase begins. Isbariya will discontinue all abilities from Phase 3, and begin summoning Holy Servants, which will drain HP and MP if not destroyed. It’s important that all damage dealers switch to these Holy Servants and destroy them as quickly as possible, then switch back to Isbariya the Resolute.

The Prison of Ice

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple Abcdb42883b4eecdd0eb5805
Players will be able to access Stormwing once Isbariya the Resolute has been defeated. Stormwing resides in the Prison of Ice, which can be accessed via the orb on the pedestal behind Isbariya the Resolute.

Named Monster 1e: Stormwing

[Instance] lvl 53 - Beshmundir Temple C970551a7554e763fa11782e

If Beshmundir Temple: Normal Mode were a sandwich, Isbariya the Resolute would be a gluttonous dollop of hot mustard, Shadowshift would be an oversized pickle, and Stormwing would be a barbequed semi truck tire tucked between two slices of toasted artisan bread. The point of this metaphor? The Stormwing encounter is difficult to swallow.This encounter is by far the most challenging encounter in Beshmundir Temple, but for those bold enough to make an attempt, here is how best to do it.

Stormwing will begin the encounter with several heinous skills which include Midnight Wind, Distant Wind, and Threshing Wind.

Midnight Wind inflicts massive damage in a frontal cone, and applies a debuff that decreases physical and magical defense for 10 seconds. Distant Wind inflicts massive damage to a single target. Threshing Wind inflicts massive damage to all targets in melee range, and stuns for 1 second.

To avoid Midnight Wind, it’s advised that only the tank stand in front of Stormwing, and all others stand at his flanks. When Stormwing starts casting Threshwing Wind, all players should move out of melee range to avoid it. When the tank moves out of melee range, Stormwing will often pursue the tank and use Savage Teeth, which inflicts massive damage and causes knockdown for 1 second. Stormwing will also use Savage Teeth at random from time to time.

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The Group will need to spend much of the Stormwing encounter in motion. Stormwing will begin summoning Sharp Twisters and Root Twisters soon after he is engaged. These twisters tend to start inside of Stormwing and move outward in random directions. However, Stormwing will also spawn Twisters at the four corners of his hit box from time to time. It’s in the Groups best interest to avoid Twisters when possible.If a Sharp Twister hits a player, it will use Blade Cyclone, which inflicts massive damage and applies a debuff that inflicts damage over time and decreases movement speed. If a Root Twister hits a player, it will use Restraining Gust, which inflicts moderate damage and immobilizes the player mid-air for 4 seconds.

From 100% HP to 50% HP, Stormwing will spawn Twisters based on the amount of damage per second he receives; more damage per second means more Twisters. It’s in the Groups best interest to do slow damage per second from 100% to 50%

When Stormwing hits 50% HP, he will begin summoning a great deal more Twisters. Evading the Twisters after 50% is much more difficult, but at this point it’s also important to start piling on the damage.

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Stormwing will start using Dragon’s Quake at 50%, which inflicts massive area of effect damage, and stuns all targets for 1 second. Dragon’s Quake has the same attack animation as Threshing Wind, but has double or triple the range. It is possible to get out of range of Dragon Quake, but it can be difficult as it has a short cast time.

Once Stormwing reaches 35% HP, he will discharge a Shocking Bolt from time to time, which inflicts massive damage to all targets in melee range. More or less, Shocking Bolt is just another area of effect attack to deal with from Stormwing with love.

Stormwing has no more surprises after 35%, but this part of the encounter is by far the most challenging.
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