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Beshmundir Temple, Acheron Mire and Macunbello Bugs Empty Beshmundir Temple, Acheron Mire and Macunbello Bugs

Mon Jun 22, 2020 6:56 am
There are multiple bugs regarding the Mire and the boss Macunbello.
1. The timed race of reaching Macunbello can be completely ignored by jumping into the water of the Acheron Mire and running straight to the last island, as being submerged in the deep water does not inflict any damage to players. Kill the Lich on the dock, and take the boat to kill the named mob to open the room for Macunbello.
2. Macunbello is automatically in a weakened state without even having to kill any of the ghosts on the islands.
3. As far as I have tested, Macunbello is NOT weakened when the ghosts have been killed on all the islands.
4. Even when Macunbello is 'weakened' his abilities are still capable of dealing significant damage, or even one shotting tanks.
5. When the fight first starts against Macunbello, his health does not deplete for a small window of time. There is a chance during the fight his health will completely deplete, but he is not killed. Soon after, his health will fully replenish despite the groups damage against him. His health will not deplete for a small time frame again, and then the boss can be killed normally.

I hope these notes will help lead the progress to making Beshmundir Temple less buggy, and more difficult again!
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