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Sat Jun 13, 2020 1:27 pm

I will be making a list of all the bugs I notice, and will be updating this page when they are fixed. If anyone else has bugs they would like to report, I will add them here.

1. When target is CC'd (Sleep, Root). Sometimes the target will start moving to a certain direction, making it impossible to hit the player until the CC is removed and the target moves again.
2. While in flight PVP, when flying and kd'd (tested with glad). Kd'd target falls to the ground while still flying.
3. Mana gain skill sometimes gets stuck at 0.0 and we are forced to log out (Sorcerer)
4. Remove shock delay, seems like we are unable to remove shock until the animation of the stun/kd is completed. Remove shock when pressed should be instant (along with the RS chain) especially when at low ping (currently playing with 25 ms).
5. Major crit scroll uses 15 second cooldown (appears on screen as 5 second cooldown, and puts all other scrolls on 15 second cooldown despite normally being 1 second)
6. Tab target seems to be slower. It is much faster/Smoother on retail to switch targets with tab targetting.
7. Flight pvp has a delay to cast skills, when in range, if casting the skill (especially at 25ms), the skill should cast instantly, however there is always a delay of 1 second before the cast starts. Doesnt seem to have that issue with instant cast skills.
8. When using remove shock, seems like chain and other skills have a small delay before being able to use it.
9. Line of sight obstacles seems to happen very often. In PVP for example, if the target is on a hill (no obstacles but at a higher level), it will sometimes cause obstacle which shouldnt happen. Also happens when ennemy is on a lower platform, and even on the same height.
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