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06/21 - Fixes/Change Log Empty 06/21 - Fixes/Change Log

Sun Jun 21, 2020 12:40 pm
- Fixed a problem with Buffing pets buffing the wrong scroll
- Now while daevas level up they will receive surveys with coins since level 15 to 51
- Now at level 3 daevas will also receive a survey with a pet that one of the main functions is when fed will give you a EXP card that can even be a 200% EXP card. Pet: Innocent Merek Egg (7 days)
- The golden key in Tiamaranta Eye have been removed from boxes now they will just be a drop from Dabra
- Aetherogenetics Lab last key boss is now droping the Key to higher level Daevas
- Researcher Zoiks in Alquimia Research Center now drops the Key to higher level Daevas
- New Launcher with Aion Rain Meter adverstisement
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