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Leveling Tips Empty Leveling Tips

Thu Apr 23, 2020 9:03 am
As part of the immersion in version 2.7, leveling can be considered slow or perhaps frustrating if some tips are not followed.
Remembering that the server is free for you to start your epic journey the way you prefer, but following the tips that I will leave here, it will considerably increase your experience during leveling.

Here are some important tips:

  • Coin items, weapons and armor are one of the strongest equipment (PVE) that can be obtained on maps during leveling. So focusing on them is a highly recommended option and it can take you a bit out of the exhausting path of gaining experience to level up. Believe yourself to get out of this rush level routine and try on the armor and weapons that are offered on the map is a fun way to prepare for what's to come in the next levels and quests. Enjoy that on our server the leveling is optimized with mechanics from 3.0 onwards, such as changing the coin quests from [Daily] to [Rep]. For more information, read our Patch Notes.

  • Grinding can be tiring, but it rewards not only with XP, but the loot obtained can give you great results in Kinah, because even a private server with a low drop rate, the number of items per loot is considerably good.

  • Few do this, but raising the level of gathering while leveling up is great, even if XP doesn't help so much, there are quests that ask you to collect and the items can give you a good amount of kinah.

  • Register with Priory (Asmodians) or Academy (Elyos) located in Altgard and Verteron. They are the first organizations you have access to, they give you daily quests that reward you with consumables and coins.

  • Do all campaign quests always in a group if possible.

  • Always use manastones and enchants on your equipment, even while you are only leveling, the power difference is huge when you progress your gear, making leveling easier.

  • Do not discard manastones that we consider "garbage" as Parry +1, because there are quests that exchange these manastones for useful manastones for your progression.

  • Explore the damn map. Believe me, exploring the map can give you a great idea of leveling up, when you find a series of interesting quests to do, or an area with mobs giving a decent XP. You don't have to go around the map accepting all the quests ahead, but some can be fun and rewarding.

And the last and possibly the most important tip:

  • Leveling was not done for a solo player in the past. It was made for groups or even a large mass of players, so the population of a server has a very strong contribution to improve the leveling flow, group options, chances of completing quests and achieving experience that you would never gain. So here's the great tip on leveling, try calling a partner to start with you, DON'T DO THIS ALONE, even if it is your style of play, try it, give this chance to the game and play at least with one or more two friends.

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