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AionEpic Patch Notes Empty AionEpic Patch Notes

Fri Apr 17, 2020 8:25 pm
Technical details

Present chapters and versions that will be emulated:

  • Wake up! (1.1)
  • Must-Have (1.2)
  • Balaur Shadow (1.5)
  • Assault on Balaurea (2.0)
  • Golden Daeva Syndrome (2.1)
  • Empyrean Calling (2.5)
  • Crucible Challenge (2.6)
  • Daeva for Daeva (2.7) 

Listed versions referring to the update history that Aion had in the NA, EU, KO regions.

According to AionPowerbook

Emulated Content from version 3.9 (Things we prefer to keep for a better experience and fun).


  • Neutral zones - Some areas in Asmodae and Elysea are now neutral areas due to the presence of player houses.
  • Housing - We kept the zones Oriel and Pernon and all their contents involving studios, houses, for fun and entertainment.
  • Mounts - We kept the mounts for better crossing the map during leveling, siege etc.
  • Map drawing - Function to draw on the map to improve communication and information of groups and alliances.
  • Increased drop rate - Definitely the drop rate is much better than it was in old versions. (enjoy)
  • Lowered dungeon difficulty - There is no way to demonstrate a comparison, but it is an issue that needs to be mentioned. (anyway, enjoy)


  • Lowered the difficulty of the quests - Without a doubt this deserves to be mentioned, quests that were [daily] became [rep], this will help a lot in leveling because of the quests involving coin equipment. In past versions coin quests were daily, this made the player stagnate during leveling, needing to seek other sources of strengthening to move on. With repeatable coin quests, the player will only need a more dedicated farm to be able to equip himself with the best equipment he can obtain while leveling.


  • New Wings - Wonderful wings were included in versions 3.0 / 3.9. At least skins on these wings will be accessible to players in some way.


  • Players Skills - Skills for all classes are in accordance with version 3.9

Note that we quote what we consider most important and evident on our server, if you check in depth the changes between versions 2.7 below, you will notice that there are numerous details and changes. (Much of it is improvement)
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