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05/16 Patch Notes/Change Log/News Empty 05/16 Patch Notes/Change Log/News

Sat May 16, 2020 12:41 am
- The drop from Esoterrace Boxes have been fixed (after you open the chest you have to loot the box if you release it the box will disappear in a few seconds
- The mail system have been fixed now so you won't crash anymore if your mail box is full
- Commander and Governor chat receive a rework (Now only the faction will see the message and the message will show just one time) (need to be tested)
- Private store updates to see if it works better. (need tests)

- Summon Cyclone Servant (Spirit Master Skill) damage have been nerfed

- Watcher Zapiel now drops the regular loot

- Quest [Daily] Satbakun's Last Stand fixed
- Quest [Coin/Group] Courting Disaster fixed
- Quest [Spy/Group] Killing Mabangtah fixed
- Quest Let Cooking Experts Cook updated

Removed Quests:
This two quests below have been removed from our server since there is a client side problem. All the daevas that have completed this quests please contact Lycidas on discord so you can receive the quest reward.

- Quest [Growth] Bioweapon Interference
- Quest [Growth] Bad Bakarma


- VIP Daevas now won't suffer anymore with Soul Sickness
- Premium System have been added to our Memberships for a lower price to players that want that extra boost

- Arena Rampage Event started. More info here

- Vote Event: During the weekend you will get double tolls for voting. Vote Guide
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