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05/31 - Fixes/Change Log/News Empty 05/31 - Fixes/Change Log/News

Sun May 31, 2020 11:06 am
- Survey system fixed, now if you have a full inventory your survey won't dissapear anymore
- "Change Weapon" or "Swap Weapon" bug have been fixed
- Mobs even without HP still alive and need more damage to really die. Fixed
- League system works 50% now. (Can create league, league leader can use the alert, can disband league) (NEED TO BE TESTED)
- New dedicated server
- New camera fix with many improvements
- Flying problem in Reshanta have been fixed

We wanna thank all the effort of all the staff members and also thank our friend Sort for helping us provinding corrections with many of our problems.

We also wanna thank the player @Soja for helping us alot with some knowledge about the dedicated, anticheat and so much more!

Thank all the players that support us everyday with our project!
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