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06/17 - Fixes/Change Log/News Empty 06/17 - Fixes/Change Log/News

Wed Jun 17, 2020 4:26 am
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- Assassin skill Fang Strike Fix: Now it won't remove the Paralyze effect from the target. Won't throw mobs/players to the ground anymore. Fixed runes (problem related to the Binding Rune skill) Fixed
- Fixed a few performance issues in core files
- Pets now won't interrupt skills while buffing scrolls/food/beverage anymore
- Beshmundir Eternal drops received a better drop rate
- Now Arena buff Boost Morale will only protect the player for 3 seconds
- X-Forms now are only allowed to the following ranks to use: Governor, Commander, Greater General
- Nerfed the skill from Empyrean Crucible Kaisinel's Wrath I
- Now Chantra Dredgion drops Gold Medal and Platinum Medal. More info click HERE
- Guardian General Showdown Event has started! More info click HERE
- Tiamaranta Eye is now Live! More info click HERE
- Drop Event is back!
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