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07/10 - Fixes/Patch Notes Empty 07/10 - Fixes/Patch Notes

Fri Jul 10, 2020 12:56 pm

- New Maps:
Tiamaranta's Eye

- New Instances:
Arena of Glory
Argent Manor
Aturam Sky Fortress
Dragon Lord's Refuge
Elementis Forest
Rentus Base
Satra Reasure Hoard
Steel Rake Cabin
Terath Dredgion
The Hexway
Tiamat Stronghold
Unstable Abyssal Splinter

- Rifting:
Now Gelkmaros and Inggison will also spawn Barricades with Guards that can drop Mithril Medal (low chance) and AP Relics
The Barricades spawns doesn't have a set time, they have a random spawn along with the Rifts

- Added Defense Cannons to Gelkmaros and Inggison

- Level 60 Players now will receive 500 Kahruns Symbols through the survey when they hit level 60

- Composites Manastones Bundle will drop inside Tiamaranta's Eye in all mobs (very low rate)

- EXP and DROP rate buff have been removed from our server

- Tiamaranta's Eye will be always open to both factions

- In Terath Dredgion the "Middle Key Boss" will drop 1 Mithril Medal for each group member that kill the mob

Ingame Shop:
- Eternal Courier Pass level 50 and lower and level 51 - 55 have been added to our ingame shop
- New Instances Reset Bonus Entry Scrolls have been added to our ingame shop
- Added the Top Gun Title to our ingame shop

- All the drops from Empyrean Crucible have been removed, now the instance will provide the retail rewards, only the Crucible Insignias

- A few improvements on the drops/roll system

- Schedules
New Siege Schedules with the new Sieges and added Schedule Times for Berserker Sunayaka and Moltenus

07/10 - Fixes/Patch Notes Siege_12
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