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I need to share my thoughts with you Empty I need to share my thoughts with you

Sat Jul 04, 2020 3:11 pm
MMORPGs are like a second life and for many perhaps the only one you have.

This sentence makes me think, reflect and try to find out what are the causes of this.
What is so special about an online game that drives us to want to “live it”?
We need to have fun, we need to get rid of personal problems that bombard us daily for a few minutes or hours. We need a refuge to get our ideas in order. That's why we live in MMORPGs.
Life out there is cruel to many, and oddly enough in the virtual world as well. Even though you may have more power to choose where you want to go, what you want to play, you are not free from acts and situations that can be cruel and hurt you.
We are in a phase where a pandemic is going around the world, incalculable problems due to this are happening. The Aion Epic project was born in this chaos.

Aion Epic came to try to create a refuge, a life, a choice for those looking for fun online, we seek to relive glorious times of Aion in the best possible way, of course we are not professionals in this type of situation, so I always call it a project, for that we will always be under construction. We know that we will never have the professional logistics of our dear NCWest and that we will never please the entire player community, but that at least some smile in the midst of dark times will be achieved.
Remember what was proposed since the beginning of the project "experiencing the old days". We know that we have not been able to fully achieve this proposal. But did you smile? Did you have fun in those two months as a server? Hope so.

We have a community that we know very well how much they love the game, be it for PVP, PVE or any other reason. My reason for loving Aion was that I met people who indirectly helped me to overcome serious personal problems in mid-2014, one of these people is currently my partner in this project, Lycidas, others, even at a distance, I still care deeply and I miss them.

Think about our proposal, we want you to have fun with a project that experiences times when we were young and without major personal problems to solve, we know that time today is too short for grind, leveling, and other things that used to take a long time at Aion .
But why did I mention the reasons why we love Aion? Why did I mention the reasons I use to love Aion? Because I know that many who play here love the game for similar reasons, created a second life, met people they will take with them forever.

In this project I met a player called Cryomane, he helped me to formulate the phrase in the most perfect way that would serve to announce my project. "It doesn't matter the rewards at the end of the adventure, but how you lived the adventure." When I read this sentence I feel a little sad, because I know that old Aion mechanics take time to complete and that casual players who love the game, but have a life to take care of, cannot match. But I wanted the adventure itself, the people you would meet, the fights over fortress, pvp, pve and other events, to be marked not by the end result, but by what was experienced during.Some players like Blush for example follow this perfectly and I would like to thank her for that.

I don't want to say that I failed, before you think I'm giving up, that's not what I want to talk about.
I want to talk about how big we as a community of Aion can be if we think about our actions. How we sometimes act wrong.

Recently a streamer / player from a large MMORPG community (WOW), committed suicide. And the supposed big reason was the various personal attacks he received virtually from his followers. It reminds me of something that happened recently on our Discord, specifically on Daevas Chat.

A player called Lordgrim was the target of numerous messages (I read all of them, some rude messages, others funny ones). That same player sent me countless messages during the day asking for justice and to apply the rules of the server in the discord, against offenses etc.
I joined Discord late, there were hundreds of messages to read, and a desperate player wanting me to do my job. After a long discussion with him to try to calm him down because he was acting out of control and treating me badly, I went to do my job.
I will quote a message that was addressed to him, and which he also addressed to several players. "Get a life".
I don't need to say the weight of the meaning of this in the virtual world, we usually use it to tell a person to stop being trivial. However words weigh, and can hurt, we never know who is behind a character in a game and the pain that person carries.
So my verdict on the whole situation that happened to Lordgrim is that he had countless chances to avoid everything that happened, the more he spoke, the more things happened and countless uncontrolled messages reached me and Lycidas. So I can't find anyone to blame and punish, the people and Lordgrim acted out of boredom and carelessness. But again, words can hurt, even virtually.

Finally here is the reason for my outburst, Lordgrim left the discord and I don't know if he left the server, before I gave my verdict. And that made me sad because my position, my job, my project, seeks exactly to overcome things like that, cruelty, lack of love for others, generating a refuge for people who have problems in real life.
Words hurt and I apologize if any words Lordgrim said affected any player, and I take the opportunity to apologize immensely to Lordgrim for being late in resolving this whole situation. I don't know if it's too late for that, but I hope Lordgrim is happy in his life, is playing another game and the doors are open for his return.

To the players who were involved in the situation, don't feel guilty, I don't want to blame you, I just wanted to alert our community. How much more we need to rethink what we could do to get rid of this toxic community reputation and move on, growing and learning together.

To those who understood my message I will be ingame during the weekend painting their equipment in yellow if they want . I will discuss with each player who wants the painting individually how the repainting process will be.

A big hug to all players, and get ready for the next chapters of our server.

Love you

Abysswalker - Aion Epic Community Manager and Defender of Life.
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