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I need to share my thoughts with you Empty I need to share my thoughts with you

Thu Jul 23, 2020 4:12 pm
Well how do I being. Shit's weird.

I believe you guys have seen my thoughts on the whole droplist. I post regularly on the bug section and try to put as much information as possible, maybe because I care about the server? But to reiterate, urges drop from every mob at a insanely high rate (60%+ per Abysswalker's screenshot), we still have level 50 balic mats drop from level 60 mobs that have absolutely no use and only clutter the cube, level 60 elemental stones that exist for no reason and still are dropping?... but now on the important ones:

Enchantment stones. A player named Tenken made a note this morning on Discord (#daevas-chat) that resonated with some people, including myself. I understand the system we have right now it's not retail-like, but breaking down ravager items is not cutting it. It doesn't compare to the level 150 stones we used to get on Crucible. Probably because the head honchos want us to focus on the eye, but Ravagers go from 75 to 125 at most (that I've seen). We can't see the numbers but it IS weird, we know there's a HUGE difference between a 120 stone and a 150 when it comes to success on items, and even so a 150 can fail. Can we ask for the level 150 stones back please? Maybe on the blue+ chests?

Crucible insignias. The rate we're getting Courage Insignias on the Eye is way faster than arenas, which I totally dig since arenas are a mess that people love abusing. I though it was cool that you guys increased the amount of Courage Insignias to get my ass handed by people since pvp is part of the game and I totally get it, but at the same time I'm stalled on the Crucible Insignias part - the ratio is not proportional to get the PvP gear... it seems like it's about 1:3 when it should be 1:8 or higher.

Mithril medals. These got nerfed way too hard. The 500+ medals that we need for a decent set is going to take a long time for the average player, we're limited to 3 40 time dailies (we'll see a dramatic drop in 2 months after these are done), 1 eye daily for those who are lucky enough, 3 weeklies and 3-12 on siege. Something should be done to Satra or the Guards. Mithrils are simply not catching up with the rate we're getting the "Arena" gear -- I know they're better but the pace is way much slower than it should be.

The future. All of the 3.0 content got released too fast. Way too fast. I was expecting that some of the suggestions about it were heard but some of the people who wanted straight 3.9 (funny enough, some left at the first week of release). We're at ends on progression and it already feels like the life expectancy of the server has been cut short which has forced me to somehow try and catch up.

Oh, and we need more clerics. Much love. Deso.
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