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Loot tables for Dark Poeta Empty Loot tables for Dark Poeta

Sun Jul 19, 2020 6:43 pm
I can't be 100% sure because we don't have the triple drop buff enabled , but some bosses seem to miss some drops from their tables (according to https://aioncodex.com/3x/).
Namely, haven't seen any earrings and necklaces from my runs and some mobs only drop certain gear pieces such as only boots/greaves for 1 class only, but it should drop for 3 or more
classes according to database(talking about the spallers and the generators specifically, but it could be the same case for other bosses as well). Maybe some loots are missing from the tables or some gold gear has better drop rate than the other (that shouldn't be the case but we don't know)or maybe I'm just unlucky.

Thanks again.
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