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Save Aion for North America Empty Save Aion for North America

Thu Jun 04, 2020 2:01 pm
Hello, I would like a moment of time from the Developers and the Players of this server and of anyone who loves playing aion. The people who have came to host Aion for us have been the only hope for NA aion in years, for providing a extremely retail like aion experience. Anything Pre 5.0 Aion has been considered the better times of Aion. From many opinions of players and from viewing other much more successful servers, I can say that there is a Large Population of players that want a pre 5.0 retail experience private server for NA.

This means
-x1 experience from Monsters and Quests, Possibly x2 with VIP membership
-x1 Drop Rates from Monsters, Possibly x2 with VIP membership.

-Normal retail Drop rates and drops from Instance bosses and instances - they are absurdly high
-Normal retail Difficulty and Stat Requirements for instances - they are absurdly easy to do with almost no gear needed at all.
-Normal retail instance structure - I believe certain things about many endgames instances are not like retail)

-Normal retail Manastones Socketing and Enchanting Rates - manastone socketing is way to easy - and enchanting is aswell unless its level 55 eternal, but in that case just use 150 enchant stones and greater supps that drop from cruicible for some reason. The rates in general have been altered by the developers.
-Normal gear dis-enchanting rewards (getting x7 Level 106 enchantment stones from one level 50 fabled peice is absurd)

-Normal retail ap gain/loss from PVP.

The gearing is so fast on this server(besides metals) and the economy is so non existent you might aswell just sell 50e and gbg sets on the shop for 50$ a pop and be done with it. Everyone already has Stones to socket and +10/ +15 it.

I Love aion just as much as anyone and want the server to succeed just as much as the people playing it, but this is not the way.
The players seem to want a fast gearing instant pvp server like notaion, even though they CAME to this server with the expectation of a x1 retail server like the European servers. The only gear threshold on this server is Medals and thats it. People are already walking around in 4/5 stormwing +10 - +15 and 3/5 +15 50e. and when they finish there gear in a month. they will go kill a few asmos in ing/gelk and log off and log in occasionally to duel their friends, just like NotAion and this server will have 50 players or less.

For some reason there is this stigma that you NEED max gear to PVP I am fairly sure that almost everyone playing this server that played back in 2.7 or 3.5 never achieved max gear or needed it to have fun pvping or to be competitive. On EuroAion competitive Top Pvp Players are walking around in +10 - +12 2 star sets without tempered AP accessories, some even still using BM. Only not even 5% of players are even close too "max gear" and the server has been out for almost a year. Only 10-15% of the euroaion's Playerbase is Hardcore PvP focused. Rest are casual Pve and pvp players who just have fun playing aion, grinding, skins, PVE, PVP and being social.

These players are 90% of the pvp you have found on Aion, in any version. This doesn't mean they are bad, this means they enjoy playing the game, rather than getting fast max gear and killing people less geared then them, or just sitting at recharger dueling their friends.

This server is currently catered too Notaion PVP like players who just want to pvp duel and log off. These types of players make up a large majority of the "known" players. Unfortunately for these players without the 85% of players who enjoy playing aion, working for gear, not needing high levels of gear quickly to pvp, skins, PVE and grinding, there wont be much pvp and not very many players for very long.

This server is extremely unrewarding-

-I can get level 55 in 2 days(I heard there is a way to get it in like 5 hours)
-Zero economy - Kinah has ZERO value - If I could delete all my kinah right now, it would have almost zero impact on how fast i get +15 full socketed gear.
-You can get close to 100 level 90+ enchantment stones with a few hours of grinding. Even if there was no triple drop buff, enchant stones are way to easy to get. and it should be hard to get stones and get +15
-Manastone Socketing is ridiculously easy
-Enchanting is ridiculously easy because crucible drops level 150 enchantment stones and eternal greater supps AND ap for some reason.
-PVE is ridiculously easy and gear drops like rain - Extendables/stormwing gear all +15 are litterally everywhere and aren't rare at all.
-AP is too easy to get.
-Stigma shards are free for some reason
-AP gear is too easy to get because AP is very easy to get.

Pretty much if medals were completely free everyone would be instantly +15 level 60 manastones socketed GBG in about a week and Kinah would have nothing to do with this. On retail it would take months and months of grinding KINAH, enchant stones and manastones to socket and enchant pieces, and having ANY +15 gear was EXCLUSIVE. Not to mention how much grinding you would have to do to even get the AP for it.

I don't know what people expect is going to happen when they get their +15 50e and GBG with there +15 stormwing weapons and extendables in 6 weeks and wonder why the server still has zero pvp besides 1x3ing people at forts and is the same 30 people who are hardcore pvpers. ITS OKAY TO NOT HAVE MAX GEAR, YOU CAN PVP IN A MIX OF UNENCHANTED PVP/PVE GEAR AND GET GEAR SLOWLY, just like in old retail 2.7

Theres a reason that all fast gearing servers are dead and gone and have always been niche and had small amounts of players. I guarantee every single player on this server would be playing a European server if the ping was not terrible.

All this is excluding the plethora of buggs on this server.

My point is, this server is dead and over in about 1-2 months from now and this is due to the players, and the developers. Its pretty much a waste of time too play it. Why get gear for a server that will have zero pvp besides a niche group of 30 hardcore players just like NotAion NA . If i wanted to get gear fast and pvp I would have played Notaion more. There are much more people that would rather play a x1 retail private server like EuroAion or Destiny they just aren't hardcore pvpers who want insta gear. Some of this can be fixed by removing the triple drop for good. Its too big of a buff.
This server only gets players because it seems like a x1 retail like server, but people leave when they see that its not. Its literally the same Niche groups of people at sieges every single day with almost zero new players. The devs are better off just relaunching in 3.5 and hiring some people who can really fix things, they have probably made close to 10k off this server already

There needs to be some changes., but i think NA is doomed.

Save Aion for North America Empty Re: Save Aion for North America

Thu Jun 04, 2020 2:49 pm
Theres a lot of great points in this post assuming one false to be true. Population.

Every suggestion and idea here is assuming we have the same population as old retail aion or Euroaion when in reality barely any of this will work with the current size.

- Wanting 1x exp: We didn't mind taking a long ass time to get to level cap because there was a lot of content for every level. I made friends and spent time in altgard, rifted like crazy into Elten, did FT dozens and dozens of times trying to get my bow, I remember meeting a lvl 40 templar who had the whole mist mane blue set and thought he was the most geared guy ever. The problem is there is no population to support such experiences on this server. There wouldn't be even if it grew 5x in size. If you take away those experience from the leveling process, then you're just spending more time than you'd like to get to the point you want to be; in this case level 55.

- Manastones are too easy to socket: Again this is a GOOD thing for the size of our server. Retail level manastone rates would mean we would just be running out of stones on our 5 and 6 slot gear before getting them filled. Theres not people to have a large enough size on the broker and thats WITH the drop rate increase that you also want to lower.

- Enchantment stones are too easy to get: This is semi-true, but again you only get them from your own grinding. They aren't readily available to buy from broker like retail. Also I don't know if you've tried enchanting eternal cruci gear yet, but I'm at 150 lvl 90+ stones in 1 piece and its +10. A lot of people have this issue with cruci gear.

- AP is too easy: This really doesn't matter. I know plenty of people including our govenor who are just waiting on medals to buy gear. It's not like getting AP quick means you get gear quick. In fact, we would be geared faster on retail because of the large amount of medals in circulation on broker. Its almost impossible now to buy golds or silvers.

- PVE is too easy: This one I don't care about. Aion pve was never hard, it was just a gear check.

If anything I think the progression should be increased. Private servers attract people because of higher rates. This lets us get to end game quicker and focus on whats actually good in this game, the pvp. They're normally good because you can make multiple sets with less time invested than retail and try new, fun builds. This server compared to a lot of private servers is still very slow and I hope it speeds up

Save Aion for North America Empty Re: Save Aion for North America

Thu Jun 04, 2020 6:41 pm
"- AP is too easy: This really doesn't matter. I know plenty of people including our govenor who are just waiting on medals to buy gear. It's not like getting AP quick means you get gear quick. In fact, we would be geared faster on retail because of the large amount of medals in circulation on broker. Its almost impossible now to buy golds or silvers." @sup

i saw like x30 lvl 26 characters in krotan last night, waiting to get their free gold medals, guess what they do with it, They go to a certain fountain and exchange them for plat medals, there, you have everything now.

i completely agree with all the things @jesus1234 said, this is a sad truth.

Save Aion for North America Empty Re: Save Aion for North America

Fri Jun 05, 2020 6:19 am
I hope we eventually upgrade to 3.0 and we really SLOW down on drops and medals. Let's make this a long term server.

Save Aion for North America Empty Re: Save Aion for North America

Fri Jun 05, 2020 7:15 am
I registered here because I want to see your success in this server and I think you're more willing to listen since you're a new server.
First I played in many servers and saw many problems I experienced Aion in Destiny,Euroaion each server got their own problems.

First problem is the location,many servers that launched in NA had died including NA(Dallas,Texas) section of NotAion.You gotta think why Europeans wanna play in your server instead of Destiny and Euroaion.
Even in NA offical server people who playing from North America is low and ping from Australia and Asia is even worse.I suggest why you don't move to somewhere like Seattle ? or LA ? or San Jose? Forget about Europeans you ain't getting them and yes you need to support Korea and Chinese clients to support people from those countries

You can see KR having a great ping to Seattle
Even Hong Kong,Philippines,Taiwan,Singapore,Malaysia have great ping and they speaking English.

Second people who love classic not because easy leveling or easy gears not even PvP,It's all about journey you started from without free gears only scrolls(that's Euroaion problem for giving free gears) people need to make money since the start yes it's better if people making money themselves and buy their own pots,scrolls encounter pvp in Elten isn't a problem if you giving people alternate way to level and remove 10 levels protection that only protecting twink it doesn't protect victims they only encourage people to twink it doesn't save anyone.You can some sort of subscribe system but it shouldn't give obviously advantage over normal users,everyone who playing classic hate prestige of P2Wers in offical.So what you should do is add benefit for someone who pay but not much like 20% exp from mob/crafting/gathering from mobs but not quest and let people get free tokens for every 2 hour they logging like raidant,mentor,forturneer,coins,crucible insignia etc they select one type of rewards every 2 hour this will make up for your server for lacking of people.

Third don't be like Destiny they try to make custom stuff like adding skins from future version,this will break competible with dps meter,for some people without dps meter the game will make them extremely bored
I suggest you should based your server on version 4.6 but disable katalam and danaria you can have classes like gunner,sw and AT and increase exp on sarpan and tia to the point everyone can level to 65(I would suggest 4.8 because new stigma/skill system but I don't know if you can enable sarpan/tia),Add portals to certain 4.x instances like IS,DR,ORB,IO,Steel Rose,Linkgate(Yep so people can farm skins) orb is important for the source of enchantment stones and attack speed harp for SW,linkgate for ancient manastones.Add kahrun conventer to AC NPC.Add NPCs who selling ancinet coins gears.4.6 was good because you can spam instances non stop no need to wait for cool down.The more importantly removes drop penalty from all instances.Disable tempering solution and omega stones also feathers.Free gears from the patch itself can stay such as lv 46 fabled miragent skins and lv 56 daevanion lv 60.they're just temporary gears and nothing good about them but skins.This will give people feeling version of 3.x having good stuff from 4.x as well.

Now we're talking about PvP to be honest the best PvP is open world PvP because in open world anything could happens,like you dominating someone and chasing them,then opposite faction show up and kill you instead.This does not happen in arena or battlefield if you losing in arena you just lost there's no chance you can win.First to promote PvP in elten and such you need to add abyss points reward in all quests in elten,ofc it's completely optional then add recipes(drops from mobs) that allow you to convert your abyss point with DP into medals.

You can make some custom quests to allow you to get shop skins,emotes,dye in game yep make it hard(like rift into enemy land) and chain quests as alternate way with buying from shop directly.
Lastly nerf 4.x instances for boss one hit KO aoe damage skills,require MA/ACC to hit boss.No one really like to having multiple sets in PvE.

People don't want to play same game they want to play the game they loved without p2w.I hope you will take my advice or some of it.I wish you success byebye.
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Save Aion for North America Empty Re: Save Aion for North America

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