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Mantras Bug and Stigma Prereq bug Empty Mantras Bug and Stigma Prereq bug

Fri Jul 03, 2020 9:00 pm
First Bug: Removed skills quickly and added new skills quickly through the stigma master. Somehow I was able to use a skill without having the stigma equipped and therefore was able to bypass the prerequisite and use more skills than intended. (Note the word of protection skill is still available but no stigma equipped)

Mantras Bug and Stigma Prereq bug Ff3f8889a1758a03c1d97078072fadd9

Second Bug: When activating a mantra and then removing and re-equipping stigma, the skill bugs and is unusable.

Mantras Bug and Stigma Prereq bug 611e0b579487e8289a7ecfbb92b16b81

Tried to attach images but included urls just in case.
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