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Shadowfall, Swinging Shield Counter bugs. Empty Shadowfall, Swinging Shield Counter bugs.

Sat Jul 25, 2020 3:36 pm
I found a bug related to templar, could also be related to assassins skill "shadowfall"

What happens is, if you use the skill "swinging shield counter" it will do dmg normally, but the skill has a special effect, if used on a stun, it will knock the target down. But, in the case on the dummy, if you use swinging shield counter after divine justice like in the screenshot, and it doesnt knock the target down, it doesnt do dmg.

Same problem with assassin's shadowfall. Its not doing dmg on the target when it doesnt knockdown. So I think its related problem. This is probably also happening for chanters (they have skills that work in this way too)

Shadowfall, Swinging Shield Counter bugs. Unknown
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