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[Rules] Some things to consider in this session Empty [Rules] Some things to consider in this session

Tue Apr 07, 2020 9:07 am
As the section suggests, this area is dedicated to discussing everything (or almost everything) about the specific classes that exist on our server. Here I leave recommendations on how to proceed in this session.

This session is made up of topics created by me, citing exclusively each class. These topics will be open for members to discuss, analyze and contribute with some information. If you think your contribution to a particular class deserves a unique topic, feel free to do so.
I will read, evaluate the topic's formatting and decide if it should be removed, moved or just edited for better access by members. (Remembering that the player will be credited if the topic needs to be reformulated to the point that I have to redo it, or will be notified if it is moved or deleted).

Only subjects related to classes, posted in their proper topics, will be accepted.
Except for exceptions such as "comparatives", "equivalence" etc., which require other classes to be approached outside their respective topics.

Avoid as much as possible about classes that are not part of the version emulated by the server. (I do not consider this mandatory, it is only a recommendation to focus only on classes related to the server)

Be fun and friendly when commenting on your counter class. Reading topics on these issues is extremely fun, but be careful not to cross the lines of respect and rules of conduct in the forum.

Following the tips above, it is worth remembering that any action that violates the forum's rules of conduct will be subject to administrative measures and punishments.
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