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Wed Apr 15, 2020 9:45 pm
Server rules.

Feel free to start your journey on the Aion Epic server, but we would like to remind you of important rules of behavior:

- Bug abuse or system exploit - We dedicate ourselves to the maximum to make all the mechanics and events on the Aion Epic server functional, but there may be flaws in some process of the game, and we hope that the player duly reports what happened immediately, so that we can fix the problem. Any form of abuse, seeking an advantage for yourself, for others or harming directly or indirectly, will be subject to punishment.

- Dual box or multibox -Use more than one client to take advantage of the game's natural mechanics such as participation in arenas for your own benefit or participation in siege to earn medals as a freekill or just standing with a secondary account without direct participation is considered mechanical abuse and is punishable. (Secondary accounts will go to jail for a long time and items will all be removed. When it persists, the main account will go to jail along with the secondary ones, in the last case, all accounts will be banned).

- Geodata exploit - We know how our geodata works and we know that it contains openings for various exploits, we consider that exploits focused on early and mid game content will at most be verified and tolerated to a certain extent, however all content focused on the endgame and that can directly influence the progression of the player or race, will be checked with rigor and actions will be taken.
Punishment for bug and exploit abuse may vary according to the severity of the abuse, the impact that this abuse may have had on the individual and collective progression of the server will be checked. The player can take from jail for a period of time, or simply have his account banned from the server.

- Use of external programs - Programs such as shugo console and that seek to measure the dps, are allowed, however any other program that we detect on our server that seek to change the player status and any game mechanics, will be severely punished by banning the account. Players that are reported will be investigated and actions will be taken immediately. Remember this rule, there will be no warning or jail, the player will simply be wiped out of our epic journey.

- Offensive language - This rule applies to everything, not just the server chat. Any type of text (chat, notes, legion name, character name, pet name) that is considered offensive or racist will be severely punished with actions based on the severity of the offense. The same is true for images on legion capes.

- Account sales and ingame trade - The account sales and ingame trade involving real money is extremely prohibited, any indication of this type of activity, will be banned both the seller and the buyer. We will not support any type of negotiation, if you lost your account or item due to a false negotiation, you are taking full responsibility for it and will be punished if you contact the administration to resolve the case.

- Address the staff with respect and politeness - We are not your enemies, we want your journey on our servers to be memorable, so we ask that any form of contact that you direct to staff (Administrator and Community Manager) should have the maximum respect. Remember, you can try to be fun, but we need a respectful posture to better serve you.We are not your employees, we do the project with love and respect for the community, so matters that aim to discuss our authority will not be tolerated. No drama with Staff, we want you to have fun, if there is no fun for you our doors are open for you to leave and be able to return whenever you want.

- Aion Epic Staff

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