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[Rules] Some things to consider in this session Empty [Rules] Some things to consider in this session

Tue Apr 07, 2020 9:59 am
If you wanted to discuss a class, but your beautiful work on it required the addition of another class and the topic became a "Class one" x "Class two" in the pvp question, then this is the right place to post about it, or this is where you will find your topic that was written in the "Class Discussion" section that was moved by me. Cool

As the session suggests, it is the place to discuss pvp. If you focus only on the concepts of a class, then this is "Class Discussion", if it is about a possible bug in the class, it should be reported in its proper place so that we can catalog and seek the correction as soon as possible.

I believe that being within the rules of conduct of the forum, there is nothing else that should be mentioned here. (Subject to editing)
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