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Fri Apr 10, 2020 12:00 am
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I consider the forum as an essential communication tool between players, staff and the rest of the world of Atreia.
So we need to make clear some rules for good coexistence here.

The rules will be divided into recommendations and impositions.


  • Rules that should never be violated. If so, administrative actions will be applied based on the violation.


  • Light rules, which only serve to guide members regarding posts, posture and other things through the forum. Even if the member does not follow them, administrative actions will not be applied, but the member in doing so will be aware that it may hinder the administration's work on the forum.

Topic Creation:

We have marked all areas allowed for posting, but remember to always carefully read the specific rules and recommendations for each area, such as the use of tags and other editing tools. You are not obliged to know how to post correctly, with tags, formatting etc, but remember to try to learn how to do this, because believe me, this can improve our work on the forum.

  • If you post something in the wrong place and outside the rules of the session, the topic can be moved to the correct session, edited or deleted.

  • Members that we detect that post wrong in order to hinder our work, may be blocked from creating and responding to topics temporarily or permanently.

Prohibited inflamed topics, which seek only to frustrate, criticize or create problems with administration. Members can always seek advice from other members, technical support or use the suggestion box to resolve their questions. If your question is still not resolved, you are entirely free to move on and leave the forum and the server. We will miss you, but we will be happy if we know that you are happy elsewhere.

  • If you violate this rule, the topic will be deleted, the member will be notified and the administration will issue a warning, followed by a temporary or permanent ban from the forum.

  • If this violation goes beyond the limits of morals, ethics and respect for members and administrators, the member will receive the same amount of punishment in the game.

Prohibited topics with content, [Gore], [+ 18] and with racial, sexual, political, religious, regional offense. Aion has a theme that suggests racism due to the eternal war between Asmodians and Elyos, so we recommend attention even when the post is only aimed at the ingame races. Aion also has content strongly focused on sensuality and eroticization, we will not punish posts that mention this, but we recommend members to remember that we live with girls and teenagers in this forum. It is worth remembering that the server is located in North America, so it was designed to entertain and support players in that region and that use the English language, if you are not from the NA region and are not fluent in the language of that region, you will be welcome anyway and any abuse or offense will be verified and actions taken.

  • In violation of this rule, the topic will be immediately deleted, the member will be notified and will be permanently banned from the forum.

Prohibited topics that mention, advertise or allude to other Aion private servers. Note that in the guide sessions and discussions about class mechanics, pvp, pve etc, it would be difficult not to mention comparisons to official servers, as we try to follow much of their progression system. So we recommend you post if it is didactic and that will add information to our server. We will always check the impact of the post and its relationship with the focus of the players on our server.

  • If the rule is violated, the topic will be deleted and the member will be warned. If you do not follow the recommendation, the post can be moved, edited and the member notified.

Prohibited topics of buying and selling accounts on the server.

  • Topic will be deleted, member will be notified, will be permanently banned from the forum, and administrative actions on the game account based on server rules will be applied.

Spam prohibited.

  • Topic will be deleted, and the member will be banned temporarily or permanently.

Reply to topics

  • Follow the same rules for creating topics mentioned above.

  • The posting of images is active, for better communication and to add information mainly in the areas of guides and discussions, but remember to avoid visual pollution.

Final considerations.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the forum represents one of the best communication and support tools for players in the AionEpic community, here I mentioned what I consider important to act in the best way and seek a didactic, fun, exciting and epic forum.
So, if you disagree or feel that something needs to be mentioned in the rules, send me an inbox to discuss how to proceed.

Thank you, and a big hug to the community.
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