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My experience so far and some suggestions Empty My experience so far and some suggestions

Sun Jun 21, 2020 5:32 pm
I love the idea that we get to play old days of aion, but there's a lot of issues happening that we need to stop fooling ourselves which is why i'm making this thread to give my voice out as a player who just started a week + ago. During my small amount of time here I experienced a few things such as things I didn't enjoy going through or had to do alone. First off, the exp rate are ass without mentor you're pretty much looking at days at leveling. Most of the items we got were completely useless and didn't help us during our time of leveling. We died probably a lot more than we should. It's a private server why are we making this anything close to be like retail when it comes to rates? I lost 3 friends at the level 35+ because they simply just got bored and found it a waste of time. They refuse to come back to the server unless I help them achieve 55. We don't even have the population to even make parties for some quests unlike the older days when there were 100s+ players just trying to hit 50-55. Not to mention the super bad damage I had and no defense, some things I just simply had to avoid because I wasn't able to do it on my own. After hitting level 55 I am completely lost and so behind compared to everyone else. I find myself most of the time just sitting around doing nothing and just waiting for siege to just get 3 dumb gold medals. I spent today nearly two hours looking for a besh team that we couldn't even complete due to the lack of damage/defense. I had at least 2-3 rage quits.This was just an awful dungeon experience, it got me so mad which is the reason why I am even here in the first place typing this.

My suggestions:
Dungeons as a newer player is really difficult. You can't even find a full team wanting to do the same dungeon as you because there's barely any players online that want to do the dungeon. Dungeons need a huge nerf to the point where you can least run duos and be able to do it with bad gear. You can adjust it back when there's a bigger amount of players playing the server. The CD for some dungeons is completely unnecessary when once again you don't have the population to have a CD for dungeons. It just doesn't make any sense?

Increase the amount of gold medals received after siege. What do you expect us to do? Do you know how many people just login to do siege then log back right off because there's nothing going on? The people who started 2 months ago and running around geared up with their gold medal sets. I don't want to think for them all but it seems most of them are just seeking to pvp more than pve, but something tells me that by the time I hit to their level of gear they're going to be already gone due no one to pvp or kill. All you see on discord is just people wanting to kill something and when they start streaming you just hear them suggesting constantly on how things could be changed for pvp. 90% of the time watching their streams I just see them killing monsters on eye.

Can we also remove soul sickness like what kind of bs is that? How is that even in the game till this day?

I also would like to suggest some type of reward for activity. Least give us manastones/pots/scroll for every hour just being online. A private server had done that a while back, thought it was an unique idea receiving a small box just for staying online that would contain a small amount consumables/stones. It also makes the server look less dead.

My experience so far and some suggestions Empty Re: My experience so far and some suggestions

Sun Jun 21, 2020 5:50 pm
i agree that xp rates have to be adjusted and leveling should be faster even with vip i found leveling process to be frustrating and lets not forget most of the people who are playing this version are veterans who are probably working or in university .
 i dont agree on nerfing Instances tho i found BT to be extremely Easy we did whole run in 30 minutes maybe less killed last to boss in single wow
Rewards need to be adjusted also to help during leveling and activity incentives are kind of a double edged sword people will mostly just afk to get rewards without playing

also remove please flearstorm key requirement for BT
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