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Wed Jul 01, 2020 1:49 pm
Harmony Arena : Remove all maps but the circular arena, make it 3 rounds of the same simple map that everyone enjoys (and quite frankly is much better suited for PVP) the flight map could also potentially stay for one round simply because it is free of major bugs unlike the other maps. The other maps are filled with terrain and mob bugs and are quite frankly not fun.

Dredgion: Remove the plat medal from sniper mobs and make the medals a reward for a VICTORY. Win or lose the dredgion, not making it to the platinum medals basically feels like a loss, as there is really no reason to run dredgion outside of getting those plats because 6K AP isn't much of a reward.

Content/Instances: Factions that don't own the Abyss forts should still gain access to the instances (including Abyssal Splinter). This was one of the biggest fundamental flaws leftover from NCsoft's poor design choices, locking losing factions out of end game content is just asking for a repeated failure of NCSoft's past. We've seen what faction imbalance has done to retail over a decade, they eventually made all instances accessible regardless of which faction owned the forts, so why are we not learning from their mistakes? There is also a severe lack of end game content in 2.7, making Abyssal splinter and inner instances even more important. This change should be a priority if you care about server balance at all.

Eye should have Green and Blue keymasters for solo players. At the moment it's nearly impossible for people to solo Dabra's. It's limited to mostly dual-boxers and a few players that often run in groups. There's two problems with this. One, the chest only drops 1 plat, which can't be shared among people that work together, and two, it doesn't give as much AP as it should, making it again useless for people to share loot. For a boss that takes at least two people to down, it's not really worth grouping for. This leaves solo players with only one option in the eye; grinding mobs. Solo-able keymasters that reward AP (and perhaps blue keymasters can reward a single plat at a small percentage?) would give solo-oriented players more things to do in the eye. I would also say change gold boxes to a slightly higher amount of AP, with a chance to get 2 plats instead of one, giving duo's a chance to share loot.
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