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Suggestion to grab other folks who may be looking to leave another server Empty Suggestion to grab other folks who may be looking to leave another server

Wed Jul 15, 2020 2:39 am
first and foremost hello. Second post here but I am hoping to bring some suggestions that could potentially help out some specific people who are currently not happy in other places and to also provide growth suggestion.

1st everyone loves incentives. Its a nature of the beast. There are always easy ways to entice people without breaking a system and do it correctly from the start. Imagine having a candy, this candy gives you stats such as atk speed, accuracy, crit, and running speed. You live the idea as you can farm faster and pvp a little harder. Biggest problem? I just spent 10 bucks for this sexy outfit that my character is wearing and I dont want to look like a fat dopey penguin! So why not use a candy that has such stats without transformation? Hand 1 out every hour or so, keeps people online and everyone loves even a little freely. Plus makes leveling easier.

Through some clarification found that all races get c1 at level 55. First why isn't this shown on the website???? More on that later. Why not make it wearable from the start? Couple fun ideas behind this. Super easy leveling progression so I can get to earning proper pvp gear. Also, easy fun twinking. Whats some of the best memories pre 5.0? Rifting for me, well 4.6 with danaria and Kata was great too but anyway. Plus if there isn't enough people to run instances such as FT, why can I not solo it? Give me the gear to do it and continue on. Just a thought.

Probably the biggest one is web. You guys really aren't showcasing anything about the server. I mean why not put our there the incentives like c1 gear and kahrun coins? Maybe add some little idea of your own and highlight it? Entice people, make them want to take a bite!

In the end stay safe and thanks for reading.
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