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What comes next - Letter to players Empty What comes next - Letter to players

Thu Apr 30, 2020 7:51 pm
A few days have passed since the launch and a lot has to be told. We are happy with the direction some things have taken, and thoughtful about others.
Our team since the beginning of the project has always agreed that Aion needs the following ingredient to run “Population”. This is the key word that can affect the project in a good or bad way.
Every day, every minute we are monitoring the number of the population and we know that it is still not enough for epic journey on classic Aion to happen. I realized that even so, the current community that is with us is a valuable community, that reports, that suggests, that dreams with us.
Thank you immensely for the reports and for any way you find to support our project. Even though we know that many cannot contribute financially to the project, what increasingly encourages us is the love that the community shows for the project.
We want to reward you in the best possible way in relation to the work you have done to improve the server with your reports and suggestions.

As of today we will lower the VIP price to $20, we do not know if that amount is still accessible to the majority of the community, but we still intend to never make available items that could be sold in an unregulated manner and that can cause a great impact on progression. Anyone who has purchased a $ 25 VIP will receive 500 tolls as compensation.Tolls will be delivered in the next maintenance.

As mentioned by our team, our Shop is made up of items that are used once or a few times by a player, so there is never a cycle of buying and selling. And that is not our goal, we just want support for server go online and keep the incredible work that our coder is doing in relation to bug fixes.
For this reason, we try to make our VIP attractive, but it is not something that breaks the game.
We noticed a slight increase in the population, but it is still far from ideal, but this has already allowed us to make this change in the VIP and reformulate other things that can please everyone. Never stop suggesting things for our project, but I want you to do it consciously and with love for the project, not to think only about yourself, but always about the community.

I would like to say thanks to the Latin America and Europe communities for being together with the North America community on this epic journey. And I would like to warn you that we have a great idea for Europeans siege, but we still need to discuss and check some things beforehand. Soon we will have an answer.

I want to remember that everyone is free to follow the path they want within the game, but I notice some uncertainties from players regarding what to do, what is worth doing.

I am an Aion veteran player and I can immensely recommend that the big bet for your faction, legion to have great achievements in the game, would be to face a linear system a little forgotten by the community.

Note that Balaurea is there, waiting to be conquered, however players using Mithril Coin's Set will experience problems on this journey. I would like to remind you that there is equipment of great value in version endgame contents prior to the chapter of Balaurea.

In our forum we have a guide for the legendary Fenris / Miragent quest series, which give the player the chance to get one of the best PvE equipment and that can make you competitive in balaurea. In the search for Fenris / Miragent equipment, players will be able to go through Dark Poeta in search of a certain craft item, inside the players will find great equipment that will also make them competitive in Balaurea.

So come on !!! Do Fenris / Miragent quests and get the best title available in the game and a much better equipment than the Mithril coin Set. Go through Dark Poeta and take advantage of our change in  Dark Poeta dungeon entry system, from our next maintenance, the key that is required to entry, will no longer be required. Enjoy and lead the way with your group, your legion and make everything Epic.

By Abysswalker - Aion Epic Community Mannager
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